Dr. Barbara Tobias, Letter to the Editor

The comments of Dr. Barbara Tobias, Medical Director at the Health Collaborative, were published in the Cincinnati Enquirer July 26, 2012.  Dr. Tobias was commenting on Enquirer writer Cliff Peale's excellent article about emergency room misuse and the efforts  underway by the Health Collaborative and others to get people the right care at the right [...]

More Cincinnati Diabetes Patients in Control of Their Disease

2011 Measurement Reveals Positive Trends The Health Collaborative’s 2011 analysis of diabetes care in Greater Cincinnati reveals patients of the nearly 500 doctors reporting their diabetes result to the Health Collaborative are showing improvement in their ability to control their disease.  The community average increased from 28-percent of patients considered in control of their diabetes [...]

It's so simple, but so innovative

There was an interesting article in the Cincinnati Enquirer recenty by health care writer Cliff Peale about super-utilizers.  The term refers to the people who are "frequent-flyers" in the emergency room.  It's a provocative topic because when you dig into the numbers you find that a relatively small number of patients are responsible for a very [...]

Newsletter – July Issue

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