Customer Service Team
Customer Service Team L-R: Harold Philpot, Kathy Meadors, Tracye Perkins, Bobby Schnipke
After 14 years, Customer Service Director Kathy Meadors is departing The Health Collaborative February 28.
We’re saying farewell with a tribute to her gracious personality and her leadership in customer support.

Kathy was hired on at HealthBridge in 2003, long before its 2015 merge with The Health Collaborative and the Greater Cincinnati Health Council. Originally hired on as a technical support “helpdesk” representative, she eventually took on the role of Manager of Customer Service as the healthcare technology market – and HealthBridge’s customer base – continued to grow. Ongoing changes in the market and an organizational need for appropriate staffing led to her eventual promotion to Director of Customer Service in 2012 with a staff of 6 direct reports.

Kathy wasn’t always a Cincinnati native, although she now considers herself one. She began her career in her hometown of Boston as a Junior Programmer. She was then promoted to Programmer, then to Business Analyst and Project Leader, in a time when women held only a small percentage of roles in technical fields.

She moved to Cincinnati with her husband when they got married, working as both an analyst and then in a contracting helpdesk position at Procter & Gamble. She worked on three different helpdesks during her decade-long tenure there, and when that contract finally ended, she found her way to HealthBridge.

Kathy’s role at The Health Collaborative has been rewarding both for her as well as her customers and staff. Serving customers, providing application support, and getting to work with an “amazing, talented, and dedicated top-notch staff!” have been a few of her favorite aspects of the work. Her dedication and warm personality have always shown through her work, and her coworkers and customers have taken notice. Here’s what some of them had to say about her:

“Kathy Meadors is a unique individual who has always made the customer her top priority, working countless hours to ensure everyone at the organization maintained that focus. She has committed and dedicated 14 years of her life to this organization and we are better off for her efforts.”   – Jason Buckner, Senior Vice President Informatics

“When I think of Kathy, I think about how hard-working she is. She is always in early and regularly stays late. When I am working on a critical issue after-hours, she is usually online alongside me. She is dedicated to the customer – taking time to get to know them personally.” – Barb Adams, Healthcare Systems and Integration Analyst II

“Having worked with Kathy for many years, I consider her my mentor and have learned invaluable work ethics from her. Even in tough times she has shown her staff the same gracious attention that she offers customers. She always has a smile and a kind word to share and understands that there is more to people than just their roles at work. I am grateful for the privilege to have known and worked with Kathy over the years. I will miss her greatly.” – Tracye Perkins, Lead Customer Service Specialist

“Kathy’s supportive approach and dedication to customer satisfaction has been an asset to our organization. Early in my time at HealthBridge, some of us instituted a ‘Girls’ Lunch Day Out’ for the purpose of getting Kathy away from her desk at least once a week. Otherwise, she was notorious for working through lunch to ensure customer needs were met! Kathy’s positive attitude and kindness have made her a joy to work with.– Judy Bradford, Healthcare Systems and Integration Analyst II

“I’ve worked with Kathy since her first day some 14 years ago, when HealthBridge didn’t have a helpdesk – whoever picked up a call was responsible for troubleshooting customer issues. Kathy was instrumental in creating the professional helpdesk we have today.” – Keith Hepp, CFO and SVP Business Development

When asked if she had any memories to share, Kathy replied, “There are so many memories! My role at The Health Collaborative has been the best job, and I’ve had some great jobs… but the many friends I’ve made and the numerous compliments I’ve received from our customers over the years have been the most special.”

A resident of the West Chester suburb of Cincinnati, Kathy’s goals for the future include seeking opportunities where she might use her skill set, serve others, and add value, while also spending more time with her grandchildren, her out-of-state children, and her family still residing in Boston. We wish Kathy the best in the next phase of her career!

Below is Kathy Meadors’ farewell message to customers, staff, industry partners, and friends:

It’s been a distinct honor and a cherished privilege to have worked with and known each one of you over the years. I am deeply appreciative and grateful for the many friendships made and relationships formed and will miss your enthusiasm and perseverance which propelled the great work we’ve achieved together. I am blessed to have been part of this great organization and truly amazing journey to improve and impact healthcare in this region. Thank you for the many memories. I wish you all the very best and brightest future.

Kathy Meadors
Kathy Meadors