Cincinnati MD jobs, the physician recruiting arm of the Health Collaborative, has received a grant to expand its recruiting efforts to a national audience. The $25,000 grant was a gift from The John A. Schroth Family Charitable Trust, PNC Bank, Trustee.

Cincinnati MD jobs is the area’s only nonprofit physician recruiting service, matching doctors and mid-level providers (nurse practitioners and physician assistants) to opportunities with regional hospitals, private practices and publically funded clinics. The service provides online job matching tools as well as concierge placement services. All services are provided free to the physician candidates. Participating health systems and practice groups pay a nominal membership fee for full service recruiting for an unlimited number of placements.

Cincinnati MD Jobs was founded in 2004 with a mission to attract top physician talent to the region. It has a consistent record of success, with 29 physicians placed in 2011; 16 of those doctors were new to the Cincinnati community.

Greater Cincinnati has been attracting national attention in health care circles for its leadership role in advancing the progress of health care transformation. Many of those transformation initiatives are driven at the Health Collaborative. As an affiliate of the Health Collaborative, Cincinnati MD jobs is uniquely positioned to share the Cincinnati story and attract talented and ambitious physicians seeking place and purpose in a progressive medical community.

“We have a great story to tell in Cincinnati,” said Nicci Weber, Manager of Cincinnati MD Jobs. “We will now be able to expand our reach to hit the radar of physicians who otherwise would not be familiar with the wonderful opportunities and career building reasons to practice in Cincinnati.”

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