According to a recent ranking by, Cincinnati was ranked 73rd of the 100 best cities to live in the United States. The ranking was created based on economic, health care, housing, civic capital, education, amenities, demographic and infrastructure scores. In the health care category alone, Cincinnati ranked #2 in the nation! The variables measured for the health care component focus on access to care and affordability of care. According to, “the cities that performed best on this list encourage healthy living by their very structure, as well as the presence of great, affordable care options.”

Cincinnati’s ranking among the 100 best cities to live in the nation was due in large part to its outstanding rank in the health care category. In fact, Cincinnati’s health care score was 30 points higher than the average health care score of all 100 cities in the ranking.

“With Greater Cincinnati’s unique array of programs and collaborative stakeholders working together to achieve better care, better health, at lower cost, it’s no surprise the Queen City scored as high as it did in the health care component,” said Craig Brammer, CEO of the Greater Cincinnati Health Council, The Health Collaborative, and Health Bridge, whose collective vision is to make health and health care a competitive advantage for Greater Cincinnati and other communities they serve. “To accelerate health care transformation in our community, Cincinnati is leading national initiatives focused on data collection and analysis; payment that rewards better outcomes; quality improvement; performance measurement; and patient engagement. Thanks to all of Greater Cincinnati’s hospitals, providers, businesses, employers and community leaders who work together to transform the delivery of care and the health of our community.”

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