IMPACT-LOGO-notagIt’s not easy to identify the small number of doable things that in combination have the power to drive the Triple Aim of healthy people, efficient care, and smarter spending. Over a year ago, The Health Collaborative convened a Leadership Forum, now up to 100 individuals, to use the data-driven decision support tool created by ReThink Health. The tool helped to identify the impact that different community initiatives would have on health, cost, quality, and productivity.  As Forum members tried different combinations, the model was clear: we could not wait for results to happen at the doctor’s office because what is putting us in the lowest 15% in the country for health is not happening at the doctor’s office. It’s happening when we are living our daily lives and making choices that contribute to heart disease, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and lung disease. And making it worse, the way we pay for care rewards volume over outcomes.

Now, with three action areas identified, the Collective Impact on Health staff and Steering Committee are ready to go back to the Leadership Forum with recommendations on goals in each area: Healthy Behaviors, Care Delivery, and Payment & Finance.

The meeting on April 8th will be our chance to gather another round of community input before we take this agenda to the public this spring.