The Consumer Council, an advisory committee of the Health Collaborative, has established its health care value declaration. The declaration is a statement outlining what patients should demand and expect from their health care providers. The statement will be used to benchmark patient needs and expectations in current and future health care transformation work undertaken by the Health Collaborative. The declaration can also guide hospitals, practice groups, clinics, and providers as they work toward improved partnerships with patients and better delivery of care.

The consumer council is made up of 10 individuals, most of whom have little or no professional affiliation with the health care industry. They represent a cross section of personal experience with health care, including different ages, stages of health, sources of insurance coverage (employer provided, self employed and Medicare) and different incomes and ethnicities. All are committed to participating as a group to develop a deeper understanding of health care issues. They are also committed to contribute to the Health Collaborative their perspective and their voice as patients, in pursuit of the three part aim; better care, better health, and lower cost. See the declaration below.

Consumer Council Declaration: Health Care Value

Best Care, Best Price
As consumers, we value health care much like other personal services. We want to be treated as valued customers. We want quality service that is personalized to meet our unique medical and personal needs. We want our health care providers to actively listen to and proactively engage us as partners working to achieve a shared goal of maximizing our health and well being.

We want clear, bidirectional communication, from diagnosis through treatment. We want to know we are receiving the most effective, evidence-based care at a reasonable price. We need information on the expected costs of health care services before receiving care.

We value accessible, affordable, high quality health care options for every consumer whether insured or uninsured.

More specifically, we want our providers to:

  • Value patients as engaged and important customers by providing prompt and thorough evaluations, treatment and follow-up; establishing shared goals; and always delivering the best quality at the best price.
  • Actively and clearly communicate with patients by explaining medical findings and treatment recommendations, ensuring that patients understand their diagnoses and care plans, and by including information on treatment options and costs.
  • Look for opportunities to focus on wellness and prevention. Providing education, information, and tools so patients may become more confident, engaged, and personally responsible for their health.
  • Understand their needs. Take the time to understand those personal needs and circumstances of your patients that could affect choices of treatments, recovery, and their overall health.
  • Empower patients to become responsible and knowledgeable health care consumers by providing information on data-based treatment options and rationale, expected outcomes, costs (co-pays, incentives, price, etc.) and payment methods.

As consumers, we are responsible and accountable for:

  • Valuing our health and becoming engaged consumers.
  • Actively, proactively, and clearly communicating our health concerns to our providers, and asking questions as necessary to better understand tests, diagnoses, and treatment options.
  • Looking for ways to prevent illness and to enhance our health and wellness.
  • Understanding and being faithful to medical treatment plans.
  • Empowering ourselves and our providers by accepting personal responsibility for our health, and seeking to build effective, working partnership relationships with our providers.

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