The Greater Cincinnati Health Council, HealthBridge and the Health Collaborative have announced plans to merge into a single organization.

The governing bodies of all three organizations approved the directional concept late in 2014 to allow for planning and due diligence. Currently, work is in progress to develop the new governance for the merged entity and facilitate the legal transaction.

The merger is pending final adoption of the boards, expected to occur in March. The three organizations will merge under the name the Health Collaborative. All personnel of the three organizations are expected to remain in existing or reassigned roles.

The merger follows the successful 2012 partnership that combined executive leadership and the administrative operations of the Greater Cincinnati Health Council, HealthBridge and the Health Collaborative. The merger will allow the three well-respected and long-standing health and health care improvement nonprofits to better align their services to meet the needs of members and the communities they serve in the most efficient way possible.

[mk_image src=”” image_width=”200″ image_height=”250″ crop=”true” hover=”true” align=”right” margin_left=”20″margin_bottom=”20″]“As three separate organizations, each independently created exciting new programs and services that benefited our region, but at times we were duplicating effort or finding that we missed opportunities to explore solutions that leveraged the talent and technology from all three organizations,” said Craig Brammer, CEO of all three organizations. “As CEO, I could see the potential for better alignment, but with the separate legal structures, it was challenging to form the right teams and keep the finances segregated as required.”

The Greater Cincinnati Health Council is a member organization serving health systems, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and select business partners. HealthBridge supports the exchange of health information and provides technology solutions to care providers. The Health Collaborative is a multi-stakeholder convening organization, delivering neutral, cross-sector solutions and health improvement pilot projects to the region.

The combined work of the three organizations has resulted in Greater Cincinnati gaining a national reputation for health care innovation. Collectively, they have brought tens of millions of dollars to the region to support new technology, and tests of change to improve our care delivery system, lower costs, and promote health.

“I applaud the work of the Health Collaborative, the Greater Cincinnati Health Council, and HealthBridge as they embark on a successful merger that will provide a unique opportunity to deliver improved health and better care outcomes at a lower cost for the Greater Cincinnati community,” said Erin Hoeflinger, Chair of the Health Collaborative Board of Trustees and President of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

The merger is designed to give members and community stakeholders more efficient and aligned access to the data and informatics capabilities of HealthBridge, the multi-stakeholder collaboration championed by the Health Collaborative, and the care delivery improvement services of the Health Council.

“The unique linkage of these three nonprofits will further expand the synergies between local and regional health care providers and systems, equipping them to take advantage of a nationally recognized health information exchange that will provide innovative technology solutions in the health care field,” said William Kent, Co-Chair of the HealthBridge Board of Trustees and Senior Vice President for Infrastructure and Operations at Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center.

As a merged entity, there will be a single budget, executive team, and board of directors, allowing staff and resources to be targeted more effectively. The merged organization will be better poised to drive innovation in Greater Cincinnati and demonstrate the kind of transformative change that will serve as a model for the rest of the country.

For more information, contact:
Shannan Schmitt, Director of Communications
(513) 247-5253