We are pleased to have YourHealthMatters featured in a recent  issue of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber publication Currents. The article outlines some of the tools for employers available on the YourHealthMatters.org website.  YourHealthMatters is designed to help consumers make informed decisions about health care using quality scores. The article also mentions our Widget, a handy window that can be embedded into an employee intranet website that puts YourHealthMatters physician scores in the same place your employees go to review their benefit information.

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Why should employers support the health care choices their employees make?

Employers know that one of their best strategies for controlling health care costs is to encourage employees and their families to be engaged in their own care by taking advantage of wellness and prevention services, and keeping any existing medical conditions, such as diabetes, in good control.

How can YourHealthMatters help?

YourHealthMatters is a unique tool.  Not only is it packed with information to help consumers manage their health and health care, it also has a search tool to find a primary care physician using validated quality measures.

What are validated quality measures?

When it comes to physician quality, it’s hard to know how one practice compares to another. YourHealthMatters measures patient satisfaction and performance based on several statistically validated clinical outcomes and then provides a score.  You can compare how well the practice that cares for you, compares to the community average.

Are all primary care doctors scored?

Not all, but almost 600 primary care physicians are included. This is a voluntary program. The participating physicians take the time to provide their data to us. They do it because they understand that measurement is an import part of improving quality. They also believe that consumers have the right to know and compare, based on quality measures that are fair and legitimate assessments of performance.

Aren’t there other websites with search tools and ratings?

Other websites rate physicians based on patient generated responses.  The feedback is limited to patients who were motivated to leave a comment.  Typically it’s a small number of respondents who had a particularly good or bad experience. YourHealthMatters uses validated research tools to assure a valid, random sample of adequate size was used to calculate the scores.

What else is on the website?

There is also information about hospital quality as well as tool kits and checklists to help patients get the most out of their interactions with their health care providers. Check out YourHealthMatters.org and see how you can use the information to empower your health care choices.

For information about how to introduce your workforce to YourHealthMatters and make our tools available to your employees, contact Maggie Greiner mgreiner@gchc.org