Humana, Anthem, and UnitedHealthcare Combine to Pledge $90,000

The Health Collaborative, Cincinnati’s multi-stakeholder health care transformation organization has received pledges totalilng $90-thousand dollars from the three largest Cincinnati area health Insurers. Humana, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and UnitedHealthcare have each pledged dollars towards the continued operation and infrastructure of the Health Collaborative.

The Health Collaborative brings together those who give care, those who receive care and those who pay for care, to design improvements to health care delivery and improve the health of the people in the region. While insurance providers have been active participants in the programs of the Health Collaborative, this unprecedented level of filnancial support is a demonstration of their commitment to the sustainability of the collaborative approach to transformation.

“As a multi-stakeholder organization it is very significant to us that we now have operating support from the insurance industry,” said Greg Ebel, Executive Director of the Health Collaborative. “The insurers play an important role in the initiatives we advance and sometimes we ask them to do difficult things. This confirms that they value the impact we are having on health care transformation.”

The Health Collaborative counts on local funding to support its daily operation. The organization then generates millions of dollars in program grants that benefit the Greater Cincinnati health care community. Since 2007 the Health Collaborative has been awarded almost $10-million dollars in public and private grant money for health care transformation programs.

The programs of the Health Collaborative have led to Greater Cincinnati receiving national attention for progressive leadership in health care transformation. Current initiatives already producing local results include improving diabetes care, quality improvement programs for medical practices, recruiting top physicians to the community and the transition of primary care practices to Patient-Centered Medical Homes where the full range of patient care is coordinate by a patient’s primary care medical team. Programs in development are the expansion of the Health Collaborative consumer information Web site, to include colon cancer screening and patient satisfaction data, and an initiative to prepare doctors to use electronic medical records to improve patient care.


The Health Collaborative assembles diverse community stakeholders; hospitals, physicians, insurers, patients, business, education, government and community members, with the goal of generating measurable, sustainable health improvement. The work of the Collaborative has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. For more information, visit

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