Course Description
This course is a guide for local hospital emergency response personnel to support their deployment to an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during a community disaster. When an EOC is activated, local health officials from the local hospital(s) and public health may be notified to deploy to their local EOC to support coordination and communication during the event. This course will review Incident Command System (ICS) principles such as Unified and Area Command, Multi-Agency Coordination Systems (MACS), and the process for Incident Action Planning. In addition, a review of the purpose of an EOC will be discussed along with a discussion of its basic functions, activation protocols, and communication tools. Job roles and responsibilities for hospital liaisons responding to an EOC will be reviewed.
Course Highlights

  • Incident Command Review
  • Area Command
  • Multi Agency Coordination Systems
  • Emergency Operation Center Design & Characteristics
  • Tristate EOCs: Similarities and Differences
  • Emergency Support Function 8: Public Health and Medical Primary Tasks
  • EOC/ICS Interface
  • Hospital Liaison Role and Responsibilities in an EOC

Course Audience
Hospital Disaster Coordinators
Course Instructor
Randall W. Hanifen, Ph.D., FIFireE
Hanifen & Associates Consulting LLC
Date and Time
Friday, May 5, 2017, 9:00am–1:00pm EDT
The Health Collaborative
615 Elsinore Place, Suite 500
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Registration Deadline: April 21st

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