Dr. Colleen O'Toole

Dr. Colleen O’Toole

Colleen joined the staff of the Greater Cincinnati Health Council, which merged with The Health Collaborative in March of last year, in the early 90’s and served as its president in her last role there. Colleen has been closely involved with membership activities through the years, including leading efforts as diverse as ensuring occupational safety for healthcare workers and reforming payment system reimbursements for providers. She has also represented hospitals on emergency response task forces and worked with leaders and chief nursing officers on strategies to address nursing shortages and pharmacists on medication safety.

Now, with Dora Anim’s departure, Colleen is again responsible for managing membership. She will mainly focus on leading board governance, human resources, and legal counsel for The Health Collaborative. “I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with members in so many significant ways,” Colleen said. “Building relationships has always been a critical function of our organization. It’s through these relationships that we’re able to ensure members receive a high value from the investments they make in this organization.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]