A new study from the American Diabetes Association shows the cost of diabetes in the U.S. has increased a whopping 41% since 2007 to $245-billion dollars a year.  Some other astounding facts in the study; people with diabetes spend $13,700 a year on health care, 2.3-times what that patient would spend if they did not have diabetes.  And get this, one in five health care dollars is spent caring for someone with diabetes.

The Health Collaborative has been working hard to improve the quality of diabetes care in our community.  We measure and report our findings each year.  Our 2012 numbers are being finalized now and are due out in a couple of weeks.  Last year the number of patients in good control of their diabetes reported by our publicly reporting practices improved by two percentage points. It’s a trend we would like to see repeated. Patients who maintain good control are less likely to have diabetic emergencies and reduce their incidence of serious complications such amputation, vision loss and heart disease. Better health also means lower cost.

Stay tuned for the new numbers.  You will see them here first.