A new Web site is now on line that will help health care professionals and the public at large keep abreast of health care transformation initiatives underway in the region. TransformCincyHealth.org provides an overview of the work being done in Greater Cincinnati toward the three part goal of better care, better health, and lower cost.

Our community is known throughout the country as a leader in the health care transformation movement. While other communities struggle to create a collaborative foundation to support transformation, our foundation is solid and change is already happening. National health care policy leaders are monitoring the progress of our pioneering initiatives such as payment reform and public reporting of clinical outcomes. They are also trying to replicate the way Cincinnati has brought together those who give care, those who get care and those who pay for care, to work together to address some of health care’s toughest challenges.

“There are a number of initiatives we are incorporating, but with so many moving parts it’s complicated to follow,” said Craig Osterhues, who analyses health care issues at GE Aviation. “We have many active and committed partners in the transformation process and now the community can go to one place to see what we’re doing, how it’s progressing, and hold us accountable for delivering results.”

The Web site was developed and funded by representatives of a number of public and private organizations active in health care transformation for the l4-county Cincinnati region.

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