D3S_8854One of the biggest headaches for physicians can be getting information about their patients when and where they need it. Fortunately, in Greater Cincinnati, we have a solution for that.

Cincinnati providers have one of the nation’s largest and most advanced health information exchanges (HIE), HealthBridge. Providers who use HealthBridge receive lab results, imaging and radiology reports from across the community. Our community network includes more than 50 hospitals, 800 physician practices and 7,500 physicians, so patient information can reach the right people at the right time.

Better access to information means fewer medical errors, reduced redundant testing and better preventative care.  In short, better patient care with less waste.

Nothing illustrates this better than one physician’s story. He had a patient who was worried about an upcoming test.  He received the result electronically, reviewed the report and called her right away to tell her the good news; the results were good.  The patient was relieved but also shocked because she was still in the parking lot at the testing site.