CINCINNATI – The Health Collaborative has announced that, a community-based website that reports and compares how physician practices perform, has re-launched with a new design and expanded public performance reports.

YourHealthMatters was first launched in 2010. The newly redesigned site is now more comprehensive, easier to use and puts a strong focus on patient/physician partnerships. The site includes over 40% of primary care physicians in Greater Cincinnati reporting their results in treating their patients with diabetes. In addition, health care consumers can now access reports on cardiovascular disease for some primary care groups as well as additional tools and resources to make better health care decisions.

The YourHealthMatters report includes 437 primary care physicians representing 135 practice locations from 17 counties throughout the Tristate. The percent of primary care physicians participating in each county ranges from zero to 100%. The counties with the highest percent of physician participation are Grant (KY) with 100%; Boone (KY), 69%; Campbell (KY), 66%, Hamilton (OH), 54%; and Kenton (KY), 42%. (see chart below for all counties)

The goal of YourHealthMatters is to improve the quality of health care delivered in Greater Cincinnati. With the support of key physician leaders in the community and insights from consumer research, the Health Collaborative created a resource that is only available in a handful of regions across the country.

According to Greg Evel, Executive Director of the Health Collaborative, “The YourHealthMatters initiative is based on a couple key concepts. First, you can’t improve what you don’t measure. With YHM, many of our region’s primary care physicians have agreed to report their patient outcomes measured by nationally established standards for diabetes and cardiovascular care. They and their patients can now track improvements over time. Second, knowledge is power. By learning more about what quality care is and what they should expect, patients can become better health care decision makers and partners with their physicians.”

Visitors to the YourHealthMatters website will find information on colon cancer screening and patient experience. Reports on the rates of colon cancer screening in physician practices as well as results from a community wide patient experience survey are expected to be added to the website over the next few months.

The Health Collaborative developed YourHealthMatters through the support of many key partners. Bethesda Inc’s leadership in funding the ongoing development of YourHealthMatters has enabled the research and expansion of the site. The Collaborative‚Äôs Physician Leadership Group, made up of primary care physicians from throughout the region, provided guidance for producing accurate, meaningful measurements that will impact patient results. The YourHea|thMatters project originated out of the Cincinnati Aligning Forces for Quality initiative, a partnership between the Health Collaborative and the Robert Wood johnson Foundation.

According to Ebel, “The Collaborative and our partners are very committed to the growth of YourHea|thMatters as a key component of transforming health care for our area. Our vision is that consumers, employers, physicians and others will take full advantage of this resource to make better heath care decisions and improve the quality of care we all receive.”

To find out more about the performance of local physician practices, visit


The Health Collaborative is dedicated to bringing people together to effectively address health care issues in Greater Cincinnati. The Collaborative assembles diverse community stakeholders, hospitals, physicians, insurers, patients, business, education, government and community members… with the goal of generating measurable, sustainable health improvement. Key initiatives include Cincinnati Aligning Forces for Quality, a partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that focuses on lifting the quality and equality of care in our region; YourHealthMatters, a consumer focused public reporting website, Cincinnati MD Resource Center, a program to recruit and retain an adequate physician supply for the region and Advanced Care Planning, an emerging initiative to address end-of-life care. The work of the Collaborative has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. For more information, visit

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