The Annual Report from the Tristate Trauma Coalition (TSTC) has just been released, and provides members with a compilation of the region’s 2014 trauma records. It reflects aggregate trauma data covering 8,253 patients treated across the region.

Key findings of the 2014 Tristate Trauma Registry Report include:

  • Falls remain the leading the cause of trauma incident resulting in injury at nearly 50%.
  • Trauma injuries related to motor vehicle crashes were the second-leading trauma injuries at 14.6%. The number of motor vehicle crash-related injuries has increased steadily since 2011, from 1,049 total injuries reported in 2011 to 1,206 reported in 2014.
  • Firearm-related injuries in 2014 decreased to 338, down from 424 reported injuries due to firearms in 2013.
  • There continues to be variation within a trauma patient’s insurance coverage. A 5% decrease in self pay insurance indicates more patients are benefiting from having medical insurance.

“This year’s data shows the continuous efforts being made throughout the Tristate to improve and standardize trauma patient care throughout the region,” said Kelly Harrison, Regional Trauma Coordinator at The Health Collaborative. “Through the work of the Tristate Trauma Coalition, we’re able to identify key areas of improvement in the trauma care system and provide the right resources to our community and area hospitals to address them.”

Members of the TSTC include the region’s trauma centers, non-trauma hospitals, EMS representatives, outreach coordinators and public health officials. The Coalition serves members through its primary functions of data collection and analysis, as well as coordination of professional trauma education. Through its regional educational courses, the TSTC educated 76 physicians, two physician extenders, 253 registered nurses, nine paramedics and 11 respiratory therapists in 2014.

By promoting awareness and education along with participation in the regional registry, the TSTC helps members continuously improve care of trauma patients across the region.

Click here to see the 2014 Regional Trauma Report.

For more information, please contact Kelly Harrison at or 513.878.2858.