InteractforHealth_Brandmark_052913A new Survey from our friends at Interact for Health found that only three out of ten of us in Greater Cincinnati feel their community is a healthy place to live.  That’s astounding really.  We have one of the better park systems in the country with facilities to stay active and fit.  Many of our employers have active employee health and wellness plans.  Our many fine health systems make their presence and services known with robust media campaigns, but we don’t consider our community healthy.

The unfortunate reality is, Greater Cincinnati is not a healthy community.  We rank 142 of  all the major US -metropolitan areas for health, putting us in the lowest quarter.  Our rates for smoking, obesity, diabetes and heart disease exceed the national average.

We have a decision to make.  If it’s not ok that we rank so poorly, what are we willing to do about it?  At the Health Collaborative we are getting the ball rolling as we kick off our Collective Impact on Health.  It’s our best opportunity as a community to work collaboratively to set health goals for our community and align our health resources to attain those goals.  This initiative will use data to help us make smart choices about where we focus our attention.  We will measure our progress and hold the appropriate organizations accountable for change.  Change won’t happen over night, but if we don’t take the first step, it won’t happen at all.  Let’s see if we can move the needle to improve both the perception and reality about health in our community.