The Power of a Community Agenda on Health

In 2011, our community spent 13 billion dollars on health and health care. Despite that investment, the people in our region remain among the least healthy in the country – Ohio and Kentucky rank 42nd and 49th in the nation for overall health, according to the 2014 Gallup Well-Being Index. We need to invest our health resources in a more focused way to achieve what the health care industry calls The Triple Aim:

  • Better health
  • Better health care
  • Lower overall cost of care

The Health Collaborative has convened a diverse group of key leaders representing many sectors of our community – with a goal of Collective Impact on Health in Greater Cincinnati. This group has been working together to agree to a short list of improvement priorities for Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Data and predictive modeling have informed the process to test different strategies and reach consensus.

In collective impact language, the Health Collaborative is the “backbone organization” and we have been endorsed by many in our community to do just that:

  • The United Way of Greater Cincinnati
  • Interact for Health
  • Every major health system in the region

Several health systems, payers, and foundations have committed funds, and the work has begun.

In June of 2014, a Steering Committee was established to assist in identifying and recruiting other leaders from key constituencies to join in the effort. Meetings were held throughout 2014 to identify regional health issues and come to consensus on a handful of doable focus areas that would have the greatest impact. Now that we have set those community goals around healthy behaviors, improvements to care delivery, and finance & payment reform, our next step is to deploy action teams around each goal to align our existing resources, eliminating waste and filling gaps with appropriate initiatives. Finally, we will set metrics to measure and hold ourselves accountable as a community for meeting our goals.

We will keep track of our work here. We invite you check back from time to time for more information.

How Collective Impact Works (Greater Cincinnati Foundation)

Action Team Resources

Action Team Charter Mar 19, 2015pdf
Triple Aim Dashboard - Data SourcesMay 28, 2015pdf
Lifetime Of Health Action Areas - Goal Summary Matrix 8-2015Aug 20, 2015pdf
Collective Impact On Health Glossary Of Terms 8-21-15Aug 21, 2015pdf
Action Teams Rosters - Combined 9-2015Sep 23, 2015pdf
2015 Regional MOUJun 29, 2016pdf
2015 Signatory List Regional MOU 0Jun 29, 2016pdf
Emergency Credentialing AuthorizationJun 29, 2016pdf

Steering Committee Resources

Collective Impact Steering Committee Slides 3-18-16Mar 22, 2016pdf
HPIO State Population Health Agenda 3-18-16Mar 22, 2016pdf
Steering Committee Agenda 3-18-16Mar 22, 2016pdf
Steering Committee Slides 6-22-16Jun 22, 2016pdf
Steering Committee Agenda Packet 6-22-16Jun 23, 2016pdf
Steering Committee Roster 8-2016Aug 01, 2016pdf
Steering Committee Agenda-roster 9-16-16Sep 19, 2016pdf
Steering Committee Slides 9-16-16Sep 19, 2016pdf
Steering Committee Roster 11-2016Nov 22, 2016pdf

Leadership Forum & Community Resources

Collective Impact On Health OverviewMay 24, 2014pdf
Article: County Officials ReThink Health May 24, 2014pdf
ReThink Health BrochureMay 24, 2014pdf
Article: Understanding The Value Of Backbone OrganizationsMay 24, 2014pdf
A Call To Action - Leadership Forum InvitationSep 12, 2014pdf
Leadership Forum Agenda 9-12-14Sep 12, 2014pdf
Collective Impact Leadership Forum Presentation 9-12-14Sep 21, 2014pdf
Leadership Forum RosterSep 24, 2014pdf
Building A Learning Practice To ReThink HealthOct 09, 2014pdf
Collective Impact Leadership Forum Survey Results 11-3-14 Nov 03, 2014pdf
Initiative Descriptions For Simulation Scenarios 11-3-14Nov 03, 2014pdf
Collective Impact Leadership Forum Agenda 11-3-14Nov 13, 2014pdf
Leadership Forum Presentation 3-19-15Mar 19, 2015pdf
Gen-H Leadership Forum Presentation 4-8-16Apr 08, 2016pdf
Gen-H Measures That MatterApr 08, 2016pdf
Join Gen-H MenuApr 08, 2016pdf
Leadership Forum Report 3-15-16Apr 08, 2016pdf