Staff Directory

First NameLast NameJob TitlePhoneE-mail
Kelly Aardema Quality Improvement Coordinator 618-3646
Barbara Adams Healthcare Systems & Integration Analyst II 247-6871
Claudia Allen General Counsel and Privacy Officer 247-6861
Jean Armstrong Senior Accountant 878-2853
Dwight Blubaugh Healthcare Systems & Integration Analyst II 247-6885
Sara Bolton Director, Programs & Services Operations 618-3635
Judy Bradford Healthcare Systems & Integration Analyst II 247-5262
Craig Brammer Chief Executive Officer 247-5250
Jason Bubenhofer Manager, Business Intelligence 247-6886
Jason Buckner SVP, Informatics 247-6878
Adam Burwinkel Manager, Network Services 618-3600
Becca Cochran Manager, Communications 247-5254
Bob Coogan Director, Grant Accounting 247-6862
Sean Flynn Senior Account Manager 247-5257
Tonda Francis VP, Regional Coordination and Clinical Initiatives 878-2860 (desk) 378-2715 (cell)
Amy Goetz Communication Coordinator 618-3641
Kate Haralson Manager, Clinical Qualilty Improvement 618-3636
Kelly Harrison Manager, Regional Trauma Services 878-2858
Keith Hepp CFO and SVP of Business Development 247-5255
Kenneth Hill Customer Service Liaison 618-3600
Chris Horn Manager, Technical Services 618-3600
Brian Kegley Manager, Quality Improvement & Program Relations 618-3634
Emily Kimball Administrative Assistant 878-2855
Jared Knueven Integration Engineer 247-6889
Tiffany Mattingly Director, Clinical Quality Improvement 618-3649
Mary Maune Account Manager, Large Accounts 618-3631
Nakia McGraw Manager, Internal Applications 878-2861
Heleena McKinney Recruitment Coordinator, Cincinnati MD Jobs 878-2866
Kathy Meadors Director, Customer Service 618-3600
Sarah Moore Coordinator, Emergency Preparedness & CCPS 247-5279
Mercy Morris Office Manager 618-3637
Colleen O'Toole Chief Administrative Officer 878-2850
Tracye Perkins Lead Customer Service Specialist 618-3600
Harold Philpot Level II Customer Service Specialist 618-3600
Tim Polsinelli Director, Informatics 247-5272
Laura Randall SVP, External Affairs 618-3638
Marie Ritter Director, Finanical Reporting 247-5260
Gail Rose Executive Assistant 247-5277
Paul Schmeltzer Administrator, Information Security 618-3600
Shannan Schmitt Director, Communications 247-5253
Bobby Schnipke Level II Customer Service Specialist 618-3600
Megan Scully Contractor, Project Coordinator 618-3639
Richard Shonk Chief Medical Officer 618-3647
Tony Silmond Desktop & Systems Administrator 618-3600
Lisa Sladeck Office Manager and Event Administrator 618-3630
Sandy Street Accounting Clerk 247-6869
Julia Taylor Contractor, Measurement & Reporting 618-3651
Robin Thomas Regional Emergency Preparedness Coordinator 618-3656
Barbara Tobias Medical Director 618-3640
Sharon Trainer Member Services and Program Coordinator 878-2856
Ruomiao (Romi) Wang Senior Data Analyst 618-3633
Nicci Weber Director, HR & Organization Development 878-2870
Mike Wells Director, Information Security 247-5280
Susan White Director, Regional Epic Services 247-5258
Diane Wicktora Customer Service Liaison 618-3600
Chris Zander Healthcare Systems & Integration Analyst II 247-5286