All Star logoOur Emergency Preparedness Team Tells Us:
5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cincinnati’s All-Star Week

The 2015 All-Star Week brought over 130,000 fans, all-star athletes, out-of-town celebrities, and international media to downtown Cincinnati for the activities in and around Great American Ballpark.

It was hard to miss all of the people who descended on the city to meet baseball legends at FanFest, attend the All-Star Summer Block Party, and cheer on their favorite athletes at the Home Run Derby and Celebrity Softball Game.

However, there was just as much action behind the scenes of the All-Star Game. In fact, The Health Collaborative’s emergency preparedness team was working hard during and leading up to the week’s festivities, ensuring Cincinnati’s All-Star Week was a soaring success. Here are five things you didn’t know about what happened behind-the-scenes for the All-Star Game:
1) All hospitals in Hamilton County, Northern Kentucky, Fairfield, and West Chester were conducting public health surveillance on all patients that attended the event. Pulling this information together allows the city to quickly identify a problem and fix it.
2) Our region has an air monitoring system called BioWatch that collects air samples from multiple locations and monitors it for biohazards that could be released.
3) Planning for any national-level event such as the All-Star Game takes over a year, with regional health and safety representatives attending multiple planning meetings. The Greater Cincinnati region also conducted a tabletop exercise, to ensure we have the right tools to respond in the case of a disaster or emergency.

The Regional Operations Center (ROC) in action

The Regional Operation Center (ROC) in action

4) The Regional Operation Center (ROC) is opened and staffed for regional events like the All-Star Game. Here, health and safety representatives from the local, state, and federal levels work together to support the events and keep the public safe in case of disaster or emergency. They include:

  • The Health Collaborative (representing the hospitals)
  • Public Health
  • Fire/EMS
  • EMA (Monitoring weather)
  • Public Information
  • Coast Guard
  • Fusion Center/ FBI
  • Law Enforcement
  • Utilities such as Duke Energy and Cincinnati Water Works
  • Park Services

5) Representatives from San Diego (Host of the 2016 ASG) came to Cincinnati to observe our operations at the Regional Operation Center. (It’s always a good idea to learn from the best!)
Thanks to our staff who worked hard to represent our local hospitals during the All-Star Week in Cincinnati:
     Tonda Francis, VP, Regional Coordination and Clinical Initiatives
     Robin Thomas, Regional Emergency Preparedness Coordinator