Technological innovation continues to change the way providers serve their patients. At The Health Collaborative, we aim to harness that innovation in ways that allow our members to drive improvements in very real, tangible ways.

For instance, our Comprehensive Primary Care data aggregation project increases efficiency by focusing on a standard set of metrics and benchmarks. Funded by payers and practices, it involves all payers submitting claims to measure cost and utilization across 75 practices. By translating the varied payer arrangements to a standard cost, an effective apples-to-apples comparison be made.

We utilize the Doc Halo mobile health platform to produce a timely, standardized platform that communicates care transitions. Through secure texting, Doc Halo  decreases outdated and inconsistent patient information, helping members reduce delays in care, decrease costs and avoid duplication of tests and procedures.

Earlier this year, we launched the Qualaris audit technology to help hospitals assess and improve compliance with best practices in safe care delivery such as hand-washing. As a web and mobile service, it moves paper-based processes to a single tablet-based platform for easier collection, real-time analysis and automated reports.

Meanwhile, our ED Admit Alert System helps reduce unnecessary emergency department visits and hospital admissions as it promotes better care in the doctor’s office.

By communicating the latest in innovation, integration, and informatics, we help members stay enlightened, empowered, and able to serve patients with new levels of quality and cost efficiency.