CHAT interns

Pictured L-R: Lolia Festus-Abibo, Maggie Biddle, Markia Roberts, Allison DiSanto

The Cincinnati Health Advocacy Team (CHAT) is a partnership between The Health Collaborative, Cincinnati Health Department, and The Community Builders in Avondale.

Dreamt up by Dr. Angelica Hardee, Senior Manager of Gen-H at The Health Collaborative (THC), the partnership was created specifically for this internship program which provides an opportunity for public health students to gain important experience in the areas of health promotion while exploring career options in these fields.

The CHAT interns’ primary tasks are to be a “Street Team” at Summer community events to collect survey responses for the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), assist with community programs and events hosted by Avondale Children Thrive/Community Builders, and projects for the Cincinnati Health Department.

The interns are all grateful for the experience. Maggie shared, “I like being a CHAT intern because it has allowed me the opportunity to network with individuals that are working in the Cincinnati health community. This has provided me the opportunity to have hands on experience with what goes into making these health efforts happen!” The others agreed.

Dr. Hardee sums it up, “Students bring curiosity, excitement and great ideas to THC. Having the CHAT interns working with us is a vital role within CHNA and we would not have almost 500 participants completing the needs assessment without them. Our CHAT interns are outstanding and I am eager to see where they go within public health in the future!”