Centric Consulting, a management consulting firm that focuses on solving business and technology issues through collaboration, hosted The Health Collaborative’s CPC+ team offsite professional development day. This day focused on planning for 2019 and beyond, while enhancing our quality improvement and pay for value knowledge.

Centric Consulting, which provided in-kind office space, established an atmosphere that supported building team cohesion and improving communication. Amanda Sebastian, Practice Facilitator for the CPC+ Regional Learning Network said, “spending the day together as a team allowed us to share our vision and set clear goals. In my opinion, offsite meetings, is a nice way to jumpstart creativity and allows employees to think outside the box.”

The CPC+ professional development day provided time for the CPC+ team to work together collaboratively on the project, and they have concluded that there is value in working closely and as a group. “I found a lot of value in the team building and group work time. I enjoyed understanding my team members work styles and personalities, as well as having the opportunity to build stronger working and collaborative relationships. As we progress through this project, opportunities and experiences such as these will be of increasing value,” said Matt Wollman, Practice Facilitator for Data Optimization.

The CPC+ team was able to see the broad view of how they were transforming the region with their project. “This off-site event was valuable because it provided an uninterrupted opportunity for us learn about our CPC+ team. We each work on the project in meaningful ways but it is beneficial when we can step back and see how all of our efforts are supporting the transformation of primary care in Ohio and Northern Kentucky,” said Meg Cone, Lead Practice Facilitator for CPC+.

This day not only helped our CPC+ team understand each of their group members work styles and personalities, but also provided them with the impact of the CPC+ project itself, while conducting solution geared conversations.

A special thanks to Centric Consulting for supporting our day of development!