Data and information are Jason Bubenhofer’s forte. In the recently created role of Manager of Business Intelligence, the University of Cincinnati grad and eight-year veteran of The Health Collaborative oversees our collaborative data studies involving human resources and market utilization.
Whether it’s key information about the healthcare workforce, or monthly utilization reports, Jason works with our member health systems to identify their research and data needs. As these projects evolve, they may develop into customized surveys or ultimately turn into something bigger, like customized comparison reports of employee workforce data.
“No matter what I’m working on,” he says, “I try to figure out exactly what information health systems need in order to make decisions and what we can do to help deliver that data. I take pride in knowing that a lot of the information I work with health systems to gather and analyze can’t be found anywhere else.”
The Future Looks Bright
Jason is excited about the future of The Health Collaborative as the landscape of health care continues to change.
“What I like most about what I do is the people I work with, both at the health systems and my immediate coworkers. We’re able to work together to provide advanced tools and resources that can make a positive difference in many people’s lives, and with that comes a great amount of satisfaction.”
For one of his most recent projects, Jason is getting ready to launch a new online interactive tool that generates a report that was previously only available as a static PDF.
“This tool will allow hospital users to dive deeper into employee workforce statistics,” he says. “Just a few clicks will produce customized comparison reports of their own data against data for the community, such as employee vacancy, turnover, aging and retirement statistics. Turnover is currently a big focus for many health systems, and this tool ill provide hospitals more power to improve these type of individual metrics. It’s a robust tool for sharing information in a more individual and timely manner.”
Technology Makes All The Difference
Jason believes the role of technology in his relationship with members cannot be overstated.
“Technology keeps advancing. It gives us the potential to create new and innovative tools, resources we wouldn’t have dreamed about or imagined even five years ago. There is enormous potential to make big strides in data and how we can use it to improve health care.”
An avid fan of the Reds, Bengals and Bearcats, Jason also enjoys softball and golf, and can be found regularly in the gym, his so-called “fountain of youth.” He has been to baseball games in 18 major league stadiums and has the lofty goal of attending games in all 30 stadiums in one summer. When he isn’t living out his baseball obsession, Jason and his wife, Natalie, travel as often as they can.