Laura Randall

This week saw the departure of a Health Collaborative Executive Team member: Senior Vice President External Affairs Laura Randall. She joined The Health Collaborative (THC) in 2011 as Director of Communications, and as the organization grew and evolved, so did Laura. She played an important role in the 2015 merger with HealthBridge and the Greater Cincinnati Health Council, where she directed the relaunch of the brand and was promoted to the role of SVP External Affairs.

At the same time, Laura took over leadership of the Gen-H initiative, a collective impact approach to improving health and healthcare in Greater Cincinnati. Laura assumed that role at a critical time, organizing a year of community input into three distinct action areas with goals and metrics. She also directed the branding of the Gen-H initiative and has interfaced with countless community members and organizations to assess and promote alignment with the community health goals.

Laura gives much of the credit to the talented and dedicated team that make up the Gen-H Steering Committee. The diverse group of healthcare and community leaders accepted the challenge of focusing on a small number of doable things that in combination have the power to help people lead healthier lives, improve the way healthcare is delivered, and lower the overall cost of care.

“I also had a strong internal team able to work with me to untangle the complexities and map the path to progress on the goals,” said Laura. “Their diligence was critical to bringing clarity to the work.”

Senior Director of Programs and Services, Sara Bolton, will miss Laura’s inquisitive nature and sharp problem-solving ability: “I worked with Laura from the beginning of her time at The Health Collaborative. She is a talented communicator, bringing life to complex topics in understandable ways. Laura is direct and inquisitive, likely resulting from her start in journalism. She has a knack for asking the tough questions that propel a discussion forward.”

Communications Coordinator Amy Goetz worked closely with Laura on the Gen-H initiative as well as THC Communications: “Laura brings a great deal of passion and energy to whatever she is working on, and always has fresh and innovative ideas to bring to the table. My favorite memories of Laura, however, are the less formal moments over meals or at social functions. Her great smile and memory for personal details makes everyone she meets feel special and appreciated,” she said.

Adds Shannan Schmitt, Director, Communications, “Laura is remarkably skilled at recognizing and articulating a good story. I am a much better journalist for having worked under her supervision, and I will miss our creative brainstorming sessions.”

CEO Craig Brammer shared, “Perhaps Laura’s most impressive skill is her ability to distill complex issues born out of data into clear and relatable stories that communicate the value of the work of the organization. We will miss her dedication and talent.”

Laura shared the following farewell statement for her co-workers, industry partners, and friends:

“It has been my honor to work with such a remarkable and dedicated group of individuals. Much of what we try to do is truly innovative and quite frankly, very difficult. Nevertheless, the team at The Health Collaborative, which also includes our external stakeholders, is relentless in working around barriers and finding opportunities to push past status quo and pursue continuous improvement in health. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to learn something new every day while contributing to the community through the mission of The Health Collaborative.”

Should you wish to remain in contact with Laura, she has provided her contact information:

Laura Randall

Laura and team
Top L-R: Becca Cochran, Laura Randall. Bottom L-R: Denisha Porter (Cincinnati Health Department), Amy Goetz, Shannan Schmitt