Members of our Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) know all about strength – and savings – in numbers. They enjoy the combined buying power of more than 25 hospitals and 180 nursing, physician group and private residential home-bed facilities. High volume translates into substantial discounts for program members on purchases of a wide variety of products and services.

“Our model for the GPO stresses diversity,” says Rachel Casanta, Senior Account Manager. “We have a diverse representation from local businesses as well as minority-owned and women-owned businesses. This serves The Health Collaborative’s overall mission, better health, better care and lower cost throughout the greater Cincinnati community.”

The GPO takes members’ needs into consideration when looking at which vendor contracts to offer. Its more than 30 vendors are from categories that include Facility/Property Management and Energy; Food Service; Human Resources and Consulting; Organizational Supplies and Services; and Patient Services. As technology and the push for data transparency evolves, the GPO is adding new vendors in the Communications and Technology Services categories.

In addition to specialized pricing, GPO members benefit from education and networking programs that keep their finger on the pulse of local health care.

“We’re always asking ourselves how we can  make our efforts more efficient, and how we can  solve challenges our members may have,” says Rachel. “Working together, our members and vendors keep building to the strengths of our community and our health care system.”