Claims Data Co-Op: Powered by HealthBridge

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As part of the CPC+ data-informed initiative, CMS will require you to review claims data to help implement continuous improvement in your practice.

The Health Collaborative is committed to making your data meaningful with hb/analytics Claims Data Co-Op. We created our Claims Data Co-Op service to streamline and enhance reporting formats for practices participating in CPC Classic.

With hb/analytics Claims Data Co-Op, you see your entire covered population in one report across multiple payers including Medicare data, making it possible to spot trends and see improvement.

Reports capture your progress on cost and utilization measures, and allow you to unlock deeper insights by drilling all the way down to patient-level detail. Further, you will see how your practice is performing against the benchmark set by all participating practices in the region.

Our reports are provided in a user-friendly visual platform. We also provide coaching to help interpret reports and explore opportunities for improvement.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Built on a joint ownership service model, hb/analytics Claims Data Co-Op service is supported by both payers and providers with an affordable quarterly fee.

As an owner you will have a say in how hb/analytics Claims Data Co-Op evolves to meet the needs of practices and payers.

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A sample of hb/analytics reports:

– Total cost
– Admission rates
– ED rates
– Specialist costs
– Practice visit rates

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Your ROI 

  • Maintain attribution by preventing patients from dropping off the list due to lack of visit
  • Maximize chances of attaining project goals and thus securing the at risk $4 PMPM bonus
  • Optimize re-attribution of patients and their care management fees when they switch from one health plan to another
  • Prioritize the work list: Patients for which a practice does not receive a care management fee are not on the attribution list, and thus do not appear on the actionable list for the care manager; mitigates the “free rider” problem.

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For more information on hb/analytics and our full hb/suite of data and technology services, please contact:

Mary Maune, Account Manager, Large Accounts 
513.618.3631 |

Sean Flynn, Senior Account Manager
513.247.5257 |[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]