Twenty Greater Cincinnati hospitals have joined together with local and county health departments to jointly research and identify the community’s most pressing health needs.

The effort is called the community health needs assessment (CHNA). The work begins with the collection and compilation of public health data and includes original qualitative research gathered from meetings with key stakeholders and ordinary health care consumers in the communities which the hospitals serve. Following the completion of the data and community input phase, each hospital must then prioritize the needs identified by their specific community and complete an action report outlining how they will address them.

All nonprofit hospitals are required to conduct a CHNA every three years. Hospitals in our region have elected to collectively complete the research and community input phases so that they can work from a common base of knowledge as they develop their plans to improve community health.natural choice

To do this, they’ve contracted with The Health Collaborative to produce the data collection portion of the CHNA. The Health Collaborative was a natural choice due to its experience with health data and community collaboration. The work is also designed to coordinate with The Health Collaborative’s Collective Impact on Health initiative. This effort, now in its second year is developing a community-wide health improvement strategy that includes sectors outside of traditional health care providers.


Dora Anim, SVP, Programs and Services

Dora Anim, Sr. Vice President, Programs and Services at The Health Collaborative, serves as the executive sponsor for the CHNA, convening member hospitals and providing executive oversight of the data collection and analysis. She says that this regional approach to the CHNA provides efficient collection of county level health data for participating hospitals, while providing a unique analysis of shared health improvement needs of the communities they serve.

“By working together we are able to bring the right partners to the table to produce one, cohesive community report,” she says. “In doing so, we’re helping the hospitals meet key requirements and save significant costs associated with conducting the report independently.”


Data Collection and Analysis
The Health Collaborative will design and conduct primary research via interviews with up to 30 local and county public health commissioners using a standardized set of questions to identify critical health needs across the community. Additionally, public meetings will be held in 8-10 counties with representatives from community organizations and members of the medically underserved, minority populations to identify barriers to good health and potential resources in the community to leverage toward improvement.

Secondary research will supplement the community interviews, gathered from sources including The Greater Cincinnati Community Health Status Survey, County Health Rankings, Trend Data for 2013 CHNA Priorities, and reports from the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana Health Departments.

Written Report
The written report produced by The Health Collaborative will include a regional summary of significant health needs priorities, summary of feedback contributed at public meetings, a list of community resources contributed by local health departments and attendees at public meetings, and a county profile for each county in the service area. The Health Collaborative will also compile data on the goals identified in the 2013 CHNA for hospitals to utilize in creating their implementation plan.

Stakeholder meetings will be held in June and July of this year, with the resulting data to be compiled in August.

The completed CHNA will be available to the participating hospital systems by November, 2015.

2016 Greater Cincinnati Community Health Needs Assessment participants:
Adams County Hospital
Atrium Medical Center
The Christ Hospital Health Network
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Dearborn County Hospital
Lindner Center of Hope
Margaret Mary Health
Mercy Health
Mercy Health – Anderson Hospital
Mercy Health – Clermont Hospital
Mercy Health – Fairfield Hospital
The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health
Mercy Health – West Hospital
McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital
Bethesda North Hospital
Bethesda Butler Hospital
Good Samaritan Hospital
TriHealth Evendale Hospital
University of Cincinnati Medical Center
West Chester Hospital
Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care

City of Cincinnati Health Department
Hamilton County Health Department
Interact for Health
Xavier University / Department of Health Services Administration