The 2016 Inspire | Healthcare Awards have been designed to correspond to the Four Pillars of our work: Collective Impact, Program Management, Professional Services, and Innovation. For the Collective Impact category, we developed the Gen-H award to recognize an individual, team, or organization that has shown commitment to the Gen-H goals of making the healthy choice the easy choice where we live, work, learn, or play.

Nominees for this category were selected for exemplary action in any or all of the following Gen-H aligned efforts:

  • Positively address health equity gaps in all we do
  • Make healthy foods available where we live, work, learn & play
  • Integrate physical activity into our daily lives
  • Integrate coping strategies to reduce the health impact of stress
  • Advocate for incentives & policies that support healthy living
  • Empower individuals to become knowledgeable consumers of health & healthcare services
  • Activate the care system to continuously improve prevention and treatment of chronic diseases
  • Support measurement systems that identify and reward high quality, high value healthcare
  • Increase the capacity in our region to meet the healthcare needs of every person
  • Create stronger partnerships between healthcare professionals and public/private community resources that support health

Finalists for the 2016 Gen-H award are:

Carole Quackenbush, Veterans Liaison for VITAS Healthcare: Carole connects individual veterans to benefits, provides education to hospice staff on how to care for the specific and unique needs of a veteran patient or family, and serves on multiple boards for veteran-related causes. Recently she hosted Dr. E. Bruce Heilman on his motorcycle journey cross-country. Carole honors the veteran community through her work with VITAS Healthcare, The Tuskegee Airmen, Honor Flight, Wounded Warriors, and many other respected organizations. Carole has helped to raise money for these veteran efforts, connects veterans to needed services, and educates healthcare workers on the needs of veterans.

Craig Osterhues, Step Up Cincinnati: Craig is the Health Services Leader at GE Aviation, and has been instrumental in organizing the 2016 Step Up Cincinnati corporate step challenge. The proceeds from the challenge will go toward supporting Gen-H backbone activity as it relates to the United Way’s Bold Goals for Health. The challenge brings a fun and competitive new energy to employee wellness programs, and offers a unique opportunity to incorporate physical activity into the workday. Participants can enjoy the health and stress reduction benefits of walking, while strengthening team relations and tackling a fun challenge together – developing and modeling a culture of health at their workplace as they go.

go Vibrant (Laura Chrysler and Mark Jeffreys): Go Vibrant is a homegrown non-profit created and founded by Mark Jeffreys whose mission is to make an active and energetic lifestyle irresistible and healthy living accessible to all.  Go Vibrant has three core focus areas: walking routes, digital content, and unique, irresistible experiences. Go Vibrant has created the largest network of urban walking routes in the country, and has recently launched the Million Step Challenge (active now through Oct. 29). Other initiatives include: a digital content experience, Go Discover and Play; the Silly Sock Walk; go Vibrant menu items at the Taste of Cincinnati; go Vibrant Play Now in Washington Park – a way for residents to borrow fitness equipment for free; and the interactive go Vibrantscape at Smale Riverfront Park.

Let’s Change Our City (Angelica Hardee and Caroline Hensley): The entirely student-led initiative known as Let’s Change Our City was implemented to better align community resources serving low-income individuals in the city. Outcomes of the students’ work include a publicly-accessible guide of community resources, and an annual conference attended by nearly 50 representatives from area social service and healthcare organizations. Let’s Change Our City has long-term potential to increase the number of low-income individuals connected to community resources addressing social determinants of health, and impact thousands of low-income individuals living in the city. Implementation also capitalized on the unique time, talents, and energy of students to make change in their own community and provided students unique experiential opportunities.

Mercy Health (Nicole Martel, Anne Stone, and Michelle Hopkins): As one of the five major area hospital systems in our region, Mercy Health has implemented a variety of programs and strategies aimed at improving the health and wellness of their employees, patients, and families, and the communities they serve. Among those relevant to Gen-H are: the “We Ask Because We Care” program, designed to better serve those with race, ethnicity, or language barriers to care; The Greater Cincinnati Outdoor Fitness Gym in Roselawn; the CDC-led diabetes prevention program, which allows one-on-one support for those wanting to better manage their condition; Bond Hill Day, which includes health screenings and an “Ask a Doc” panel; an annual cancer awareness and prevention event in Bond Hill; partnering with The First Ladies Health Initiative on a Health Day event for faith communities; mobile mammography visits; the Man Up! Men’s Health Expo; and many more. Mercy employees are offered education and opportunities around healthy and mindful eating; managing chronic conditions such as diabetes; on-site fitness centers; stairwell campaigns; height-adjustable standing desks; and much, much more.

TriHealth Corporate Health Services Team (Terri Hanlon-Bremer, Chief Operating Officer): TriHealth’s Corporate Health Services keep employees safe, healthy, and on the job with an emphasis on workplace productivity and health improvement. Physicians, nurses, counselors, fitness/wellness coordinators, and other professionals with specialized expertise provide a wide scope of services to area employers, including health and wellness programming, coaching, chronic condition management, injury prevention and treatment, disability or worker’s compensation case management, fitness center management, employee assistance/work life balance programs, onsite medical clinics, and executive physicals. Health coaching helps participants manage stress and improve healthy behaviors, which leads to better performance in their work and personal lives. Through our health and productivity solutions, including results-oriented programming, employers maximize their most important asset: their employees. Healthy employees are productive employees.

Congratulations and good luck to all Gen-H Award Finalists!

Below is a gallery of photos taken at the 2016 Inspire | Healthcare Award Finalists Breakfast, held on September 14 at Bronte Bistro in Rookwood Commons. For more information about the awards and the Inspire | Healthcare event on November 2, please visit