Our Account Manager, Large Accounts and leader of The Health Collaborative’s Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) has been with The Health Collaborative (THC) for almost eight years, originally joining the Health Improvement Collaborative in August of 2011 as Consumer Programs Project Manager to work on our consumer-facing YourHealthMatters project.

Since that time Mary has transitioned to Member Services, focusing on the GPO and working with THC’s members to support their supplier diversity efforts.

Mary’s greatest impact at THC has been her dedication to, and work with, the Minority Business Accelerator (MBA) and member supply chain executives to connect minority and women-owned business with area health systems and care partners, and increase supplier diversity in the healthcare sector.

As a supporter of Dress for Success and fashion maven herself, Mary has inspired many on staff to support the Portaluca retail shop with clothing & donations and can always be counted on to offer fashion wisdom while sporting the hottest new pumps.


Colleagues and friends reacted to the news of her departure with a mixture of sadness, pride, and affection. Here is what a few of them had to say:


Keith Hepp, CFO and SVP of Business Development:

Due to Mary’s hard work and dedication, we were able to land an Accountable Health Community Cooperative Agreement. This project will improve the status of most vulnerable Cincinnatians.


Jackie Glaser, Senior Director, Client Services:

Five important things I have learned from Mary:

  1. Navy pants don’t demand navy shoes and black pants don’t demand black shoes. Sometimes a pop of color in the form of shoes is a beautiful thing.
  2. Stopping to take care of a stranded, hungry, scared puppy far outranks getting to work on time.
  3. Raising three boys (two of them twins under the age of five) is far more interesting than raising an only child.
  4. Renting a dress for an event is far easier than convincing your husband that you “have to have” a new dress.
  5. Don’t always trust the GPS—remember my trying to lead us to Margaret Mary Hospital the first time, Mary?

Sharon Trainer, Member Services and Program Coordinator:

It has been my pleasure to get to work with Mary over the last 2 ½ years – she truly brings joy, laughter & light to each day.  I will miss her daily stories and experiences (which, by the way, have the makings for a very entertaining sitcom!) and her positive & caring nature.  She will indeed be a blessing wherever she lands.  All the best, Mary – go do your thing!

Kiana Trabue, MPH, Executive Director, Gen-H:

Mary is one of the most passionate, genuine people I know. Her passion and dedication to improving the community is unmatched. She’s also one of the most fashion forward, stylish people I’ve ever met. Mary, you will be greatly missed. 


Sara Bolton, MPH, Senior Director, Programs & Services:

Mary is a connector. She has a knack for getting folks to open up and can almost always identify a shared thread between someone and our work, or their passions and our mission. People often greet Mary with a hug and a smile, showing her ability to foster and maintain meaningful relationships. We sure will miss her passion but are happy to share her talents with the region!

Colleen K. O’Toole, PhD, Chief Administrative Officer:

I have really enjoyed working with Mary, especially because she wants to make a difference. Her coordination of our application for the Accountable Health Communities program was terrific and her commitment to the non-profit Dress for Success is tireless and passionate. Wherever she decides to contribute, I know we’ll be cheering on her efforts to make the world a better place. Very best wishes for much success to Mary!!

Judy Hirsh, former Manager, Consumer Programs for the Health Improvement Collaborative:

Wishing you all the best, Mary, as you continue on your journey of service to the community and professional/ personal growth. It was a delight to work with you and very special to do meaningful work and enjoy the process too. 

Barbara Tobias MD, Medical Director:

Mary is an outstanding relationship builder. She remembers key pieces of others’ lives, honoring their contributions and strengthening ties. Having Mary on the team brings out the best in all of us. Thank you for all you’ve given our Health Collaborative team. To your continued success!


Shannan Schmitt, Director, Development and Communications:

Mary gets people. She’s quite possibly one of the best relationship builders I’ve ever met. I’ve learned by her example and will continue to live by WWMD – What Would Mary Do? I will miss her friendship and sense of humor on the daily but can’t wait to see what she does next.


Heleena McKinney, Manager, Healthcare Workforce Innovation:

Mary is my first connection to The Health Collaborative. She posted my original job here on her Facebook and a colleague of mine at the time who knew her recommended I apply. Mary has been one of my absolute favorite people to not only be at The Collaborative, but in life! I find her to be one of those people you can talk to about anything – and if she doesn’t get it, she will try to understand. Her compassion and enthusiasm for world issues, our country, our region, her local neighborhood, her friends, family and all the kids of the world is IMMEASURABLE. It’s so easy to get completely jaded about things, but when that happens to Mary she uses it as fuel to be better, do better and help more of the world! She’s also the most stylish person I’ve ever worked with and proves that you can be vertically challenged and still look fantastic in all your clothes. 😊 The fact that she is such a volunteer and advocate to help other women feel and look their best through Dress for Success speaks to her character as well.

I will miss you Mary but I wish you all the best in all of life’s adventures! Thank you for your advice and the example you set that being a good person first and foremost will always matter.

P.S. Please still send in fun stories about your kids.

Best of luck, Mary! Clearly, you will be missed.