Greater Cincinnati is rich with robust health systems and talented, dedicated providers. We are at the forefront of groundbreaking advances in research, pilot programs, and access to startup space for healthcare tech companies and innovators. We’re seeing unprecedented partnerships among stakeholders, academics, and technology. But healthcare is still broken. Not just here, but across the country, issues persist related to population health, access to health data, delivery of safe, appropriate care, and the cost of care. So, what are we doing in Cincinnati to fix it?
Join us for an interactive discussion experience at Cintrifuse on July 21st to find out! The Health Collaborative will deliver a series of sessions collectively titled “Top 5 healthcare fails and what we’re doing in Cincinnati to fix them.”  These high-energy, high-impact presentations will highlight the most broken aspects of our healthcare system, and what we’re doing to drive change and make the Greater Cincinnati region a model for progressive healthcare transformation.
We’re delivering all this great information as part of an exciting opportunity from NewCo. From their website: “NewCo celebrates business on a mission, connecting its audiences to the stories shaping business, politics, and culture as society undergoes the greatest transition since the Industrial Revolution: a shift beyond profit toward purpose-driven business.”  The Health Collaborative was selected as a Cincinnati NewCo in 2016. It’s quite an honor!
The NewCo model is an amalgam of business conference, music festival, and open artist studio, all combined to create an immersive experience for participants to explore and be inspired by organizations that drive purposeful transformation in their industries. Attendees can choose their preferred sessions from over 95 innovative local companies, then spend the day connecting to founders and thought leaders from all over the region.
The Health Collaborative invites you to our session at Cintrifuse for an up-close and personal view of some of the most exciting technological and clinical advances in healthcare today. Here’s a sneak preview of the session topics and presenters:

Amazon knows more about you than your healthcare provider
Tim Polsinelli, Director, Informatics

No one is paying your doctor to keep you well
Sara Bolton MPH, Director, Programs and Services Operations, CMS-CPC Region Faculty

Being discharged from the hospital could be hazardous to your health
Tiffany Mattingly, MSN RN, Director, Clinical Quality Improvement, CMS-CPC Region Faculty

It’s a lot easier to find the best restaurant in town than it is to find a good doctor
Mary Maune, Senior Project Manager, Consumer Programs

Doctors can’t fix what’s making Cincinnati one of the least healthy communities in the country
Laura Randall, SVP, External Affairs

Wouldn’t it be great if your physician could track your health data the way Amazon tracks your purchases, or if an app could help you choose an oncologist the way Yelp can help guide your dinner choices? Is it possible to make health a value we all share, in the same way we value Cincinnati’s great sports teams and cultural assets? Join us on July 21st to find out what it’s all about!

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We hope to see you there!