Eliminating unnecessary testing is important for both patient safety and controlling healthcare costs. Both of these key priorities are addressed seamlessly by our Convergence service. Introduced a year ago, this innovative tool collects data and reports levels of patient radiation exposure in real time at the time of care.

“Convergence collects radiology exam data from the community,” says Jason W. Buckner, The Health Collaborative’s Senior Vice President of Informatics. “When a patient arrives in the emergency department, Convergence uses an advanced algorithm to calculate a risk score for that patient and deliver it in real time to the EMR.”

The physician is notified of all of that patient’s previous radiology exams and a corresponding risk score. This information is used to prevent duplicate tests and over-radiation of patients.

“One factor I like best about Convergence is that it is completely integrated with Epic, so physicians don’t have to leave the system they use at the hospital,” adds Jason. “And that means there’s no workflow interruption.”

As opposed to a traditional retrospective analysis, Convergence collects community level data that the hospital wouldn’t otherwise have access to. By looking at actual radiology interpretations, providers can make a more detailed assessment.

Saving money, saving time, informing physicians and protecting patients, Convergence technology is a win-win-win-win for its users.