The Health Council Steering Committee, a board-level committee of The Health Collaborative since long before the organization’s 2015 merge with The Greater Cincinnati Health Council and HealthBridge, has been revamped and given a new name! It’s now called The Health Collaborative Membership Committee, and its main functions are to oversee and coordinate the programs, services, and initiatives that THC provides to its members. It also helps to prioritize, and approve funding for, those activities while also reporting to the board to ensure alignment with our strategic plan and keep them informed on member news.

The membership committee is composed of 12-14 CEOs or other senior executives from dues-paying provider member organizations, as well as our CEO Craig Brammer, and is staffed by Sara Bolton, Senior Director of Programs & Services.

Ultimately, the committee affords senior executives from select member hospitals and care partners an opportunity to determine how THC utilizes their membership dues, guiding our programming to ensure we are helping to create organizational efficiencies and collectively solving issues that no single organization can do alone.

“Collectively solving issues that no single organization can do alone.”

Sara Bolton
Sara Bolton, Sr. Director Programs & Services