The Christ Hospital Health Network and Enli Health Intelligence are being celebrated as finalists for the 2018 Informatics Solutions Award.


Each year, The Health Collaborative recognizes the healthcare heroes in our community at the Inspire Healthcare Gala and Awards Celebration. This year’s sold-out event is being held on November 8 at The Center downtown. Award categories include Diversity and Inclusion, Gen-H (population health), Informatics Solutions (health information technology), and Leadership in Quality Improvement.  

The Informatics Solutions Award acknowledges the individual, team or organization streamlining processes and improving care through the innovative use of health information technology.

Making sure care teams are notified of all the ways and places an individual patient seeks care is no easy task. As one of the largest hospital systems in the Greater Cincinnati region, The Christ Hospital Health Network wanted to bring real-time hospital and emergency department (ED) discharge information into a patient’s electronic health record (EHR). This innovation would enable its care providers to see the incidents in the EHR immediately, at a glance, regardless of where the discharge took place.

Not only that, to take it the next logical step further The Christ Hospital team wanted to integrate this information into their existing cloud-based care management system, designed by Enli Health Intelligence, to provide care managers with timely follow up opportunities and insight into the best treatment plan for their patients.

With so many health systems and independent providers treating many of the same patients, how could The Christ Hospital possibly wrangle all this data to appear when and how it’s needed? That’s where The Health Collaborative’s (THC’s) hb/notify service came to the rescue, with a little help from Enli Health.

Taking it a Step Further
Enli’s population health tool – a cloud-based Central Worklist (CWL) function that pulls data from the EHR and puts it into the assigned Care Mangers worklist – was implemented to enhance the existing Epic EHR system used by The Christ Hospital. It had been used for management of specific patient panels but never for proactive hospital discharge work.

The IT team worked with Enli Health engineers to take hb/notify that extra step further, customizing it to post ADT messaging directly into both the Epic EHR environment and the Enli care management tool. The integration architects designed a custom process to parse off information from text fields to allow the process to work.

Data now comes in through the hb/notify interface and is sent to the CWL application along with a reminder for the care manager assigned to that office. Enli worked with The Christ Hospital’s technical staff to build the inpatient and ED programs, allowing care managers to identify at a glance who they need to contact and where they were admitted. This allows the team to be organized and efficient, and ensures patients are not missed that may need extra attention. The Enli team worked diligently to help design a program that meets staff and patient needs, and supported The Christ Hospital team throughout the entire implementation.

“Now all of the alerts are delivered to my worklist…I feel like I am spoiled now and never want to go back to the old way. The new process gets me on the phone faster with patients, makes my morning go much smoother and I have less worry that someone will get missed.”

Paula Schuster RN

Care Manager, The Christ Hospital Health Network

Patients No Longer Fall Through the Cracks
Prior to the implementation of the two-pronged hb/notify system, The Christ Hospital’s providers and care managers would be required to conduct hours of research before they could call their first patient, and they were not able to get real-time information on discharges outside of their own health system. The new hb/notify system offers a comprehensive look at utilization and trends to help identify interventions for improvement.

“Before this system went live, I spent my mornings combing through multiple in-baskets, in search of patients who discharged from the hospital,” shared Paula Schuster RN, Care Manager at The Christ Hospital Health Network. “Now all of the alerts are delivered to my worklist. A BIG thank you for those who worked on the project. I feel like I am spoiled now and never want to go back to the old way. The new process gets me on the phone faster with patients, makes my morning go much smoother and I have less worry that someone will get missed.”

A Multi-Phase Approach
Phase 2 of the plan is to have the discrete data pulled into The Christ Hospital’s risk stratification algorithm which previously only included its own data. The algorithm functions automatically to flag patients in the EHR and triggers the care management software to add patients to care managers’ work lists. This will help them to connect with more patients and provide necessary services more quickly. Phase 2 is in progress now.

In phase 3, the use of the data will be further explored with The Christ Hospital’s inpatient quality department to look for opportunities to reduce readmissions and improve care.

Sandra Selman, Director of Ambulatory Quality and Care Management at The Christ Hospital described the shift in volume for care managers seen system-wide over the last year:

“When we look at the call volume for patients who were discharged from outside hospitals in Q3 17 compared to Q3 18 there is a tremendous increase. A total of 1,603 more patients with ED visits and 503 more inpatient discharges received a call from our care management team. Previously, we had a great handle on patients who left our own facility but information regarding other facilities was hit or miss. The project helped us close the gaps and gave us the opportunity to provide much needed, timely support to the most vulnerable patients.”

The Christ Hospital’s ability to innovate by designing and executing an efficient process to facilitate care delivery is what makes them a strong finalist for the 2018 Informatics Solutions Award.