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By Jackie Glaser, Senior Director Client Services


Our Senior Account Manager Sean Flynn has been working to connect regional EMS squads and hospitals to enhance communication, transforming the way first responders collect, share, report, and analyze critical information to improve community health and safety.


Several years ago Sean started working with a company called ESO that works as the digital go-between with hospitals and first responders (EMS agencies). Believe it or not, before ESO, emergency squads were communicating with hospitals manually, faxing patient reports AFTER transporting to the Emergency Department. This method leads to delays in information sharing, and errors in transcribing it to the EMR, not to mention additional work for an already-overloaded ED staff person.

Sean Flynn

With ESO, the incident report is digital and in real time. The hospital knows more quickly what the issue is, it automatically goes into the patient record (EMR), and finally, the hospital can provide feedback to the EMS squad about the actual outcome for quality and training purposes.


While ESO can sell directly to hospitals, our hospital members asked us to be involved – and Sean did a tremendous job of putting together the business case to support that recommendation including developing a pricing model, working with Legal Counsel on the contracts and negotiating with ESO. This arrangement was a first for ESO.


In addition, Sean negotiated with each of the hospitals to provide funding for life squads so the service is free to them. So far UC and TriHealth have gladly signed on to participate.


This collaboration supports our hospitals, our regional EMS and first responders, and ensures more seamless care for patients. Only with Sean’s perseverance and dedication to our customers did this come to fruition. CLICK HERE to read the press release announcing our partnership with ESO.


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