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We have just welcomed Lauren Bartoszek, Phd, CHES to the Gen-H team as our Manager of Population Health Strategies. 


She comes to us from ASAP (Activating Substance Abuse Prevention) Norwood, where she has been serving as Coalition Director. We asked Lauren to take a few minutes for a Q&A so we could all get to know her better, and she delivered. You might even say she summed things up best in this quote:


“I basically want to be Leslie Knope [from the show Parks and Rec]. She is a total rockstar and realizes that albeit small efforts (like removing snails from a sidewalk) her work is for the greater good of her community because she cares a lot, even about things that may seem insignificant to others. She’s definitely Type A (the organizer overthinker type) which speaks to my soul. Also, she is all about lady power and empowering each other which is, well, amazing and something we should all strive toward.” 


Read on for more about Lauren.

Q: Hi, Lauren! Welcome. Can you start by giving us an idea of what you’ll be focusing on as you get your bearings in your new role?

A: Right now my biggest priority and project will be the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) for the region. As the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) was wrapped up in 2019, the CHIP was completed late in 2019 for implementation and review in 2020. Also, I will be working with the Gen-H team to create and develop the next round of the CHNA, with data being collected in 2021. This is great opportunity to align the health plans of our many healthcare systems with that of the state to create a more comprehensive and collective improvement plan for our community members.


Q: What’s your favorite stress-relieving activity outside of the office, and why?

A: Outside of this position I am also a certified Barre3 instructor! I absolutely LOVE it. I love teaching it and taking classes at our studio. Barre3 is a full body workout that combines strength-training, cardio, and mindfulness to work the body in functional ways, to mimic movements that happen every single day (like picking up a kiddo or walking up the stairs). I have been teaching for almost 4 years and love it more every day.


Q: What is your favorite Netflix or Hulu show?

A: Of right now or ever? People have vices, and mine is “terrible” TV dramas, or really TV series in general. Recently I have been really loving Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (although on Amazon Prime) and Killing Eve. Over the years though my husband and I continue to flip our binge watching between our two favorites: The Office and Parks & Rec. I basically want to be Leslie Knope. 


Q: Did you play any sports in high school or college?

A: For most of my childhood I played soccer and was a swimmer. In high school I played soccer, swam on the swim team, and ran track (and actually still hold a school record in a relay I think!). In college I played soccer at a small D3 school in Columbus, Capital University.


Q: What were words you couldn’t pronounce as a child, so you made up your own?

A: Only two things come to mind. First, I am pretty sure (stories from my Mom) that I couldn’t say “washcloth” for some time, so I said lofclof. Also, I really struggled with my r’s growing up. Unfortunately, my name had one in each: Lauren Bartsch (maiden, yes I know it’s very similar to my married!). So basically, my lack of pronunciation made my name Lowen Botch. Very cute.


Q: What food could you not live without?

A: Chocolate. My sweet tooth is top notch. In fact, I always joke that I have a little dessert pocket in my stomach that always stays empty even when eating so there’s always room for dessert (also this is totally embarrassing but the truth 😊)


Q:  If you were a superhero, what would you want your superpower to be?
A: Flying! Then I could visit anywhere I wanted at any time!


Q: What fictional place would you like to visit?

A: Hogwarts or anywhere from Game of Thrones (although the places they filmed are real I suppose). Doesn’t everyone want to have magical powers? I mean, its beautiful (and I guess like GoT I could visit the places in real life where they filmed) and doesn’t everyone want to have a little magical power?? But also, to walk through those old magical hallways would be a total dream.


Calling Team Knope – connect with Lauren at!