The Health Collaborative is a member of the similarly-named Collaborative Health Network (CHN), which in turn is part of the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI). The CHN’s goal is to connect “HealthDoers” across the country who are transforming local healthcare using a multi-stakeholder approach, in order to foster collaboration and to share skills and resources to continue health care transformation. This month, CHN has featured the Health Collaborative’s own Dora Anim in its August 2015 newsletter for member executives. Titled “Spotlight on Leadership and Stewardship,” the newsletter profiled a handful of health and health care innovators around the country. Dora’s segment is reproduced below:

Dora Anim | Cincinnati, Ohio

AnimDora-cDora Anim is the Senior Vice President of Programs and Services for The Health Collaborative in Greater Cincinnati. She is responsible for oversight and strategy development for the organization’s programs and membership services. She expertly manages large-scale improvement initiatives that involve diverse groups of stakeholders working together toward a defined common goal.

Q. What is something you would like to learn more about if you had the time?
A. I have been spending some time digging more into strategies that help organizations grow and thrive in a new global and ever-shifting environment. As the marketplace becomes more digitally focused, mobile, nimble, agile and data-driven, we have to pivot toward these new realities. Luckily, there is a ton of really compelling literature on these topics to help organizations navigate and define new strategies, and I look forward to applying it to our organization moving forward.

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