Megan Scully Hershberger joined The Health Collaborative (THC) in August 2016 with a degree in journalism and a contagious enthusiasm to make a difference.


With little technical or healthcare background, she quickly adapted to the new world of Health Information Exchange (HIE) and the associated alphabet soup of healthcare acronyms that soon became second nature. After project managing the complex and ever-changing implementation of our technology platform, Meg landed the role of Product Manager for our hb/suite technology services.

As our hb/suite customer account manager Megan has been an invaluable resource for customers using our technology products and services and was instrumental in bringing hb/suite news and communications to our customers and stakeholders. For the last several months, Megan has been splitting her time between THC and the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association for better efficiency and reduced overlap among clinical customers and the services they receive.

Since she’s also a resident of Troy (near Dayton) the split made sense; now, Megan is cutting the Cincinnati commute to move on to a new role with a company located closer to home in Tipp City.

“Meg has been great to work with over the last few years,” said Marty Larson, Executive Vice President of GDAHA. “She has always been very professional and easy to work with. We could count on her to track issues down promptly and close the loop quickly. She has been an asset to THC and has a bright future ahead of her. I wish her the very best.”

Megan’s new role with Aileron will leverage her strong “people skills” and business acumen to contribute to the non-profit organization’s goal of helping private business owners find greater success.

Shannan Schmitt, Director of Communications and Development at THC, emphasized: “Megan gets people – she’s incredibly adept at managing relationships. She’s solution-oriented and always willing to help. We’ll missing having her around but I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next.”

“Our newsletter wouldn’t be where it is today without Meg!” exclaimed Amy Goetz, THC Communications Manager. “It was so much fun working with her each month, and with her journalistic knack for gathering news and developing product spotlights, our hb/suite readership jumped from a ~20% engagement score to 80%! We’ll miss her great smile and many talents.”


Farewell and good luck to Megan, we look forward to seeing you thrive in the next phase of your career.