The Health Collaborative’s Chief Administrative Officer Colleen O’Toole is the latest recipient of the Hoxworth Buddy Award!

Given to Hoxworth Blood Center board members for their service and leadership, the lighthearted but meaningful award is kept by the current recipient until paying it forward at the next quarterly board meeting. Colleen recently started her term as Chair of the Community Advisory Board, having previously served as a member, then Secretary, then Vice Chair over her 11 years with the Board before being elected Chair.

The Buddy Award was established in 2017 by Hoxworth Community Advisory Board Chairman (and co-founder of The Health Collaborative) Dick Aft as a traveling trophy whereby board members could recognize exemplary commitment to Hoxworth Blood Center by other board members.

According to Jim Tinker, Division Director Donor Recruitment & Community Relations at Hoxworth, “Buddy Blood Drop is the official mascot of Hoxworth Blood Center (and many other blood centers across the U.S.). While he may not be ‘Oscar,’ his presence atop the award denotes both a sense of whimsy, connection to mission, and sincere gratitude for heartfelt effort.”

As the only blood collection service in our region, Hoxworth’s mission is to enhance the well-being of patients by assuring a reliable and economical supply of the safest possible blood, by providing innovative hemotherapy services, and by promoting research and education programs in transfusion medicine.

“Hoxworth is such a critical and outstanding community asset,” Colleen remarked. “It’s my absolute privilege to serve as its Community Advisory Board chair.  At some point, all of us need – or know someone who needs – life-saving units of blood.  We are so lucky to have the highest quality blood products and top-notch transfusion medicine clinicians and researchers right in our region.”