Hoxworth Blood Drive donors June 2018

Pictured L-R (standing): Sara Bolton, Mike Wells, Kate Haralson, Meg Cone, Amber Antoni, Amy Goetz, Marie Ritter. Seated: Ashley Schwartz.

Earlier this month, Kate Haralson MPH, Manager, Clinical Quality Improvement CPC+ Regional Learning Network, OH/N.KY Region, organized a Hoxworth Blood Center Blood Drive at The Health Collaborative.
We were able to donate 25 units, with plenty of walk-ins from outside the organization. Together we potentially saved 75 lives!

Hoxworth Blood Center is an important community partner of The Health Collaborative. Not only does Haralson work with Hoxworth to coordinate twice-annual blood drives at our Elsinore Place location downtown, each year at our Inspire | Healthcare gala and awards celebration Hoxworth presents its own set of awards related to hospital system blood drive efforts: the Hoxworth Award of Distinction, the Hoxworth Most Improved Award, and the Hoxworth Blood Drive Coordinator of the Year. Click here for more information and to register for Inspire 2018.