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THC in the News: Hospitals Post-Pandemic – Collaboration Carried the Region

In this article featuring THC members and staff, the unprecedented challenges and partnerships of the COVID-19 pandemic are explored through a local lens.

Apr 19, 2021

Michael Fisher, president of Cincinnati Children's

The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, while formidable, have catalyzed partnerships that regional healthcare providers have been working to build for the past few decades.


The Health Collaborative (THC) has been there every step of the way, helping to coordinate meetings, track data, and support the work of the Region 6 Task Force in combating the spread of disease.


From sharing PPE and other supplies to ensuring equitable and accurate reporting practices, our area leaders have been working the past 14 months to break down silos and find common solutions to the ripple effect of problems created by the previously-unknown disease.

Michael Fisher, president of Cincinnati Children's

Michael Fisher, president of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, at March 2020 press briefing

Photo credit: Sam Greene/The Enquirer

In Friday’s article from the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Anne Saker, THC members and staff are featured alongside public health officials and frontline workers describing the unprecedented whirlwind of collaboration:


“Hospitals post-pandemic: Collaboration, from the C-suite to the ICU, carried the region”

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