The Cincinnati Business Courier  announced this week The 2016 Outstanding Directors Awards recognizing exceptional leadership among the boards of Greater Cincinnati area businesses and nonprofits.  The Health Collaborative’s Board of Directors is being honored with an Outstanding Board Excellence award to recognize their exemplary dedication and performance.  Click here to read the announcement and view the other honorees.

Our board was nominated for their wide variety of perspectives and expertise, which lend credibility, neutrality, and integrity to The Health Collaborative’s leadership of health and healthcare improvement initiatives across the region. Having expertly guided us in 2015 through the successful merger of three nonprofit organizations (the Greater Cincinnati Health Council, HealthBridge, and The Health Collaborative, now unified and known as The Health Collaborative), they have helped to drive innovation and accelerate our community’s progress.

“I’m proud to work with an organization that has been able to create such community collaboration in our region.”
– Tim Putnam, President, Margaret Mary Health

The combined work of the three organizations has resulted in Greater Cincinnati gaining a national reputation for healthcare innovation. Collectively, we have brought tens of millions of dollars to the region to support new technology and pilot programs to improve our care delivery system, lower overall costs, and promote better health for all in the region. Our board is credited with much of the decision-making that continues to propel both our organization and our region forward in health and healthcare improvement and leadership.

No other region in the country has been as successful at bringing together such a diverse group of stakeholders around health and healthcare, or with such an impressive track record of success. Our regional work in quality improvement, data transparency, health information exchange, payment reform, stakeholder convening/collective impact, disaster & emergency preparedness, consumer engagement, business intelligence, and much more, is routinely praised by other regions and systems across the country as a model for innovation. None of this would be possible without the support and expertise of our board. 

As board member Tim Putnam, President of Margaret Mary Health, recently stated: “What we’ve accomplished this year is a testament to the power of healthcare [stakeholders] in our community working toward a common goal: to improve the health and healthcare of our friends, family, and neighbors. This is unique to Greater Cincinnati, and I’m proud to work with an organization that has been able to create such community collaboration in our region.”

The 2016 Outstanding Directors Awards will be presented at an invitation-only, black-tie reception and dinner on Oct. 20 at the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati. Congratulations to our board and to all other honorees!