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Release Date: Monday, May 2, 2016

The Health Collaborative Partners with Verinovum for HealthBridge Service Line Software
New vendor partnership will connect health information exchange with population health analytics for the Greater Cincinnati region

CINCINNATI, OH – The Health Collaborative announces a major development in its continuing commitment to provide state-of-the-art health data delivery and analysis for the Greater Cincinnati region, as well as the customers it serves in other markets.

The Health Collaborative has entered into an agreement with technology vendor, Verinovum, to supply health data exchange and reporting technology to improve and expand the services offered by its technology division, HealthBridge. The enhanced technical stack will provide customers with more speed and interoperability as well as new analysis tools.

Verinovum software will power The Health Collaborative’s traditional Health Information Exchange (HIE) functions such as results delivery and encounter notifications. It will also supply a new analytics platform, greatly expanding the current capacity to analyze and report data. For customers of The Health Collaborative and their patients, this will mean quicker responses, alignment with national Health IT protocols, and new ways of examining data to address some of health and healthcare’s toughest challenges.

The platform will provide The Health Collaborative with the technical tools required to combine clinical quality measures with cost measures. This functionality makes it possible to provide unique reports on healthcare value to those providing and paying for healthcare. With these new solutions, The Health Collaborative will be better positioned to integrate with other HIEs and healthcare organizations, and to support evolving national data protocols such as Application Programming Interface API and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Solutions (FHIR).

“As payment reform continues to evolve and expand, the Verinovum solution will provide flexibility to analyze and deliver clear, concise and accurate metrics on the healthcare data ecosystem as well as population health analytics,” said Craig Brammer, CEO, The Health Collaborative. “The Health Collaborative is uniquely positioned to deliver these services as a neutral nonprofit entity with an established reputation of trust for managing the availability, usability, integrity, and security of health data exchanged throughout our region and beyond. With the Verinovum partnership, we are poised to revolutionize novel uses of data – to inform better care, smarter spending, and ultimately healthier living.”

Verinovum provides health information exchange software and infrastructure with solutions designed specifically for adapting to the complexities inherent in chaotic data environments, and supporting value-based payment models. Verinovum’s high-performance real-time platform offers authentic interoperability and its healthcare-specific solutions are built to address the industry gaps in data integration, content acquisition, terminology management, decision support, and analytics.

“Verinovum’s solutions benefit a broad array of stakeholders in the healthcare industry, from health systems, physician organizations, payers, care management teams, state and local health departments, behavioral health, and social service agencies,” said Jason W. Buckner, SVP, and Informatics, The Health Collaborative. “This makes Verinovum an ideal partner for The Health Collaborative, which serves over 30 hospitals, 450 practices, and more than 9,000 physicians.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to work with The Health Collaborative – one of the premier Health Improvement organizations in the country. This is the beginning of a longstanding partnership that will bring health information exchange and population health analytics into the next frontier,” said Mike Noshay, Chief Business Development Officer, Verinovum.

Added Ryan Campbell, Chief Executive Officer, Verinovum, “We believe strongly that our tools inject tangible value into the healthcare marketplace – technology that enables better care, for more patients, for less money.”


About the Health Collaborative
The Health Collaborative is a non-profit organization that strives to positively impact health status, experience, outcomes, and affordability by fostering a connected system of health care and community health through innovation, integration, and informatics in the greater Cincinnati region. For more information about the Health Collaborative, visit

About Verinovum
Verinovum builds foundational technology supporting a culture of health by enabling accurate, timely, and relevant information delivery to healthcare professionals. Its state of the art infrastructure leverages techniques from the more mature finance and trust industry enabling best in class extraction, transportation, standardization, normalization, identity management, storage, delivery, community-level viewing, alerting, reporting and clinical quality measurement on both clinical and claims data. Core competencies include data quality assessment and improvement (HL7, CCD and payer) in support of real-time care gap reporting and clinical quality measurement. Its platform enables health information exchange, community-wide care coordination, and decision support for care quality improvement in the face of overwhelming data availability. For more information about Verinovum, visit