New location selected to better accommodate stakeholders and integrate teams.

CINCINNATI – The Health Collaborative has signed a lease to relocate to 615 Elsinore Place, the One Gateway Place Building. The move is scheduled for November 2016. The location will provide easy access for members and stakeholders who attend the many meetings and trainings at The Health Collaborative. It will also be the first time that all 65 staff members and contractors of The Health Collaborative will be working from the same location.

In April of 2015, The Health Collaborative merged with The Greater Cincinnati Health Council and HealthBridge to become a single, nonprofit organization dedicated in improving health and healthcare. At that time, each of the three organizations had their own office space, the largest being in Norwood in the Central Parke complex. Following the merge, the organization was able to take on additional space in Central Parke but the configuration was disjointed and not large enough to accommodate the entire staff. Some employees remained in office space at Erie Avenue and Edwards Road.

With the new location on the north end of downtown, for the first time, all 65 employees will be working in the same location with a space designed for collaboration and maximizing the efficiency of the organization.

“Our staff has done an excellent job devising workarounds for the challenges created by our disjointed workspace. With the move, our collective problem-solving brain power can be spent developing more synergies between our divisions to better serve our stakeholders and the community,” said Craig Brammer, CEO, The Health Collaborative.

The location was selected because of its convenient proximity to many stakeholders, on-site parking and the amenities for employees. Employees will enjoy the onsite fitness center, food service and a fresh new space plan.