As part of our Advance Care planning coalition, The Health Collaborative loves to spread the word about the “Conversations of a Lifetime” initiative to ensure that patients with advanced illness in our community have the opportunity to express their wishes and goals for end-of-life care, and to have those wishes honored. Hospice of Cincinnati’s “Conversations of a Lifetime” program is one way to make sure that those wishes are communicated, and now their “ThingsYouShouldn’tWaitToSay” campaign is rolling out this weekend to get people aware and involved.

The “Conversations Of a Lifetime” team is taking to the streets with their “ThingsYouShouldn’tWaitToSay” Mobile Unit. The unit is equipped with video recording devices, white boards, and other items to allow people to record, in any manner they choose, the things they want to say now to their loved ones, before it’s too late. Walk through the unit, talk to staff, and even record and share your own message. The vehicle will travel to events and venues around the Greater Cincinnati area in late June and July. Please stop by and see them, and record a video to someone you care about – the truck will be at Pride Festival (June 27) and West Fest (June 28) this weekend!

EVERYONE, regardless of age or health status or personal circumstances, should not wait to tell their loved ones what they mean to them. We hope that this is a conversation-starter for more serious discussions about life.

For more information about The Health Collaborative’s end-of-life care initiatives, click here. For more about Hospice of Cincinnati’s Conversations of a Lifetime, please click here.