TriHealth Outreach Ministries serves the community by providing services to identify and assist people in overcoming life barriers in Greater Cincinnati. It has offices strategically located throughout the city, in areas where residents are more likely to have a disadvantage in accessing care, affording care, preventing and managing disease, obtaining an early diagnosis, having access to health information, and understanding medication and doctors’ instructions. The selection of these areas has been determined through the Community Health Needs Assessment, performed through The Health Collaborative.

As a finalist for the 2017 Gen-H Award, TriHealth Outreach Ministries is being recognized by The Health Collaborative as part of the Inspire | Healthcare dinner and awards celebration planned for November 1. Gen-H, or “The Health Generation,” is all of us working together to make health and healthcare a value we share in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The Gen-H Award recognizes an individual, team, or organization that has demonstrated progress on the Gen-H goals of making the healthy choice the easy choice where we live, work, learn, or play.

Bridging the cultural divide
TriHealth Outreach Ministries staff help bridge the enormous cultural divide for the client receiving services and the practitioner providing the care. A trusted team member accompanies clients on their appointments to aid in their understanding of, and compliance with, healthcare plans. The department also has an independent social worker who helps community members navigate government agencies, assisting with applications and advocating on their behalf as needed. The team is represented at numerous health events throughout the city each year to provide information about services and health education in English and Spanish.

Health as a value we share
Gen-H is all about improving health and well-being for ALL in our region, and TriHealth Outreach Ministries is working to ensure that their clients have the best chance for both. The team is on a mission to address a wide variety of needs and challenges. Their work to reduce equity gaps in health and healthcare services, for example, for community residents and refugees alike, is well-aligned with Gen-H values. Their team includes two bilingual team members dedicated to Burundi refugees, and two more specifically supporting the Hispanic & Latino population. One team member provides her services in Over-The-Rhine to the formerly incarcerated who have recently re-entered the community.

A broad spectrum of services
Supplementing TriHealth Outreach Ministries’ healthcare-related services is an array of supportive programs not traditionally associated with the doctor’s office. From collaborating with St. Francis Seraph Ministries in order to address food insecurity with Cooking for the Family classes; to conducting Spiritual Assessments and Healing Touch stress reduction therapy; to convening a walking group every Saturday morning in Burnet Woods; the department is using every tool available to help its clients live their healthiest lives.

Meet the team

  • Joanne Barnette BSN, RN-BC, Faith Community Nurse
  • Mary Beth Basch BSN, RN-BC, Faith Community Nurse
  • Jennifer Brodbeck BSN, RN-BC, Manager
  • Lynn Burkhardt RN, Faith Community Nurse
  • Terri Dell BSN, RN-BC, Faith Community Nurse
  • Mary Ann Escudero BSN, RN, Faith Community Nurse
  • Yolanda Gordon MSW LISW-S
  • Mary Kappesser BSN, RN-BC, Faith Community Nurse
  • Anna Nwaobasi BSN, RN-BC, Faith Community Nurse
  • Obed Nkuriragenda Outreach Ministries CHW
  • Araceli Ortiz, Outreach Ministries CHW
  • Mary Peeno RN, Faith Community Nurse
  • Luz Ruvalcaba Alvarez, Outreach Ministries CHW
  • Shirley Smith BSN, RN, Faith Community Nurse

Congratulations to 2017 Gen-H Award Finalists, the TriHealth Outreach Ministries team, for its service of bringing high-quality healthcare access to ALL in the Greater Cincinnati community.

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