Vivek Alamuri, TAP MD

Vivek Alamuri, TAPMD

Vivek Alamuri, a junior at Indian Hill High School, is a recent addition to our TAP MD program!

TAP MD and TAP HC are programs designed to help high school students “tap” into their potential to fulfill a career as a physician or in the healthcare field. Students will experience events that provide information on types of medical specialties, how to apply for medical school and what different healthcare paths are available – from IT to home health – to physical therapy.

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Vivek’s first experience with TAP MD.  

“This is my first time being in a medical prep program and it was really interesting and fun. It seemed really intimidating at first because I really didn’t know anything about surgeries, but more importantly, because I shiver at the sight of blood. After today though, I can confidently say it’s dissipated. Whenever I thought of surgery, the only thing that would come to mind was the blood-stained clothes and just red everywhere. I knew it saved so many lives every year, but I still couldn’t see past the blood.

However, after this first day of TAP MD, I realized that the blood loss is not even a concern in comparison to the lives that are saved, as only less than a fourth of a cup is lost. I learned the importance of transplants; and it really amazes me that I was able to watch an organ be taken out of a person to save the life of another. Another big thing I learned was how the surgery is carried out and that there are so many factors that play into what allows these things to happen. From biology of matching blood types to the economics of insurance companies and to the ethics of consent to let a group of students to have this experience.

Of course, this experience was only so profound for me because of Dr. Tayyab Diwan (UC Health), a HUGE thanks to him! Without him, the surgery would’ve made no sense. I mean, to a high schooler, all the flesh and muscles and fat look like nothing more the blobs of pink, yellow and red. He walked us through so it made sense. It was like being lost in a foreign nation where you don’t speak the language and can’t read the signs, and suddenly a friendly tour guide helps explain everything to you and show you around. To the surgeons, it’s a world that is incomprehensible to others and I got have a glimpse of it, which really inspired me to not rule out the idea of becoming a surgeon (which I previously had).

Another cool thing was that we got know what the average day/week is like for him, which really puts into perspective for me what my life would look like if I wanted to do this. And lastly, I think this first event was a great way to start – thank you to everyone that made this happen and I’m looking forward to the next one!”

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