Everyone deserves the opportunity to be healthy

Through strategic collaboration with our members and partners, we’re working to eliminate health disparities and achieve equitable health outcomes for all.

What is health equity?

Health equity means that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible. This requires removing obstacles to health such as poverty, discrimination, and their consequences, including powerlessness and lack of access to good jobs with fair pay, quality education and housing, safe environments, and health care.
Source: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

By promoting health equity, we make everyone healthier

Advancing health equity is a critical step in creating a healthy and thriving community. The Health Collaborative regularly convenes healthcare professionals and partners with community organizations to launch initiatives to boost access and eliminate barriers to care. Here are a few ways we are working together toward our goal.

Community Health Needs Assessment

We can’t solve problems we don’t know exist, which is why hospitals participate in our recurrent Community Health Needs Assessment, a study designed to identify top health conditions, the root causes of unmet health needs, and barriers to healthcare services.

By collaborating with us and our many diverse partners, participants provide valuable data that illuminates trends across the region and informs actionable strategies healthcare providers can implement to improve outcomes.

Targeted Programs

Mama Certified

Our targeted programs convene healthcare professionals from across the region to develop and activate strategic plans to address health challenges. By combining the collective knowledge, experience and influence of our healthcare leaders, we can enact real change in pursuit of a healthier community.

We organize ongoing affinity groups that regularly connect hospital CMOs, COOs and CNOs, as well as short-term action groups and coalitions tasked with addressing a specific problem or issue. 

Mama Certified, a national pilot and new certification launched in early 2024, brings together all birthing hospitals in Hamilton County to advance maternal health equity for Black families. A groundbreaking initiative powered by bi3, participating hospitals include Bon Secours Mercy Health, The Christ Hospital Health Network, TriHealth, and UC Health. 

Developed in partnership with Cradle Cincinnati, The Health Collaborative, Queens Village and local Black Mothers, Mama Certified, is designed to provide Black parents-to-be with a meaningful way to assess and compare the maternal-related efforts of Hamilton County’s hospital networks and to encourage and support the hospitals’ increased efforts to ensure that Black parents-to-be and their babies receive respect and care.

Community Partnerships

Once we identify a need in the community, we connect with organizations who share our common goal to develop and activate programs that advance health equity. Initiatives include:

  • A partnership with Hamilton County Public Health to increase HIV testing for adults
  • Connecting medical care with social care to help people with needs like food, housing, and transportation
  • [Connecting] hospitals with community mental health providers to strengthen transitions of care

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