Group Purchasing Organization

By managing joint purchasing efforts on behalf of our members and partners, The Health Collaborative helps hospitals and health care systems support diverse and local companies while saving money and advancing their health equity goals.

We build meaningful business relationships that are also cost effective

Participants in our Group Purchasing Organization enjoy the combined buying power of more than 40 hospitals and health systems and over 125 other healthcare providers and 20+ business partners. Because we continually grow and develop business relationships between healthcare providers and local minority-, women-, and veteran-owned vendor organizations and social enterprises, our members and partners benefit from our high purchasing volume while supporting health equity in the community. By managing contracts on behalf of our members and partners, we save them time and energy in addition to securing valuable discounts

GPO contracts cover a wide variety of products and services including:

Thank you to our current preferred vendors!

All GPO members and vendors are eligible to submit “advertorials” to our Cerkl newsletter.

Collaborate with us

The Health Collaborative regularly convenes action groups focused on supporting our GPO efforts and further advancing health equity in the community.

Language Access Committee

This is an opportunity to collaborate to tackle common challenges in providing patients effective communication in any healthcare setting. Members meet monthly to work together in developing best practices to meet language access needs of the community.

Utility Committee

This committee meets twice annually, providing opportunities to discuss topics relative to facilities and maintenance, and to explore opportunities for aggregation. Annual presentations from energy suppliers and industry experts introduce current and relevant topics. 

Vendor Advisory Committee

The Vendor Advisory Committee fuels The Health Collaborative GPO as the avenue for voicing needs and identifying vendors to add to the portfolio and championing vendors at their organization. With the help of this committee, portfolio size and diversity has increased.

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