We’re generating the power to build a healthier community

The Health Collaborative is a convener

We unite and empower healthcare leaders to address critical health problems that are best solved together.

Multiple voices are louder than one. Teams can accomplish more than individuals alone. We know collaboration amplifies our impact, which is why we work with the community in a variety of ways.

Collect data that informs and guides us​

Accelerate targeted programs by sourcing and distributing funding and resources​

Develop plans and convene the right people to activate them​

Create stability during emergencies through preparation and training​

Your passion meets our collective power

We all want to see a healthy and thriving region. By joining forces, we can achieve it. Here’s how The Health Collaborative puts partnership to work.

Collective health

Improving the health of our community is a big goal that requires supercharged efforts. We establish and encourage partnerships across sectors to implement proactive solutions to healthcare’s most pressing challenges, such as advancing health equity, addressing workforce shortages, and enhancing emergency preparedness.

Member support

By joining The Health Collaborative, healthcare organizations access a network of fellow advocates and resources dedicated to improving the health of our region. Our members regularly convene to exchange knowledge and best practices, and launch collective initiatives that generate meaningful impact.

Actionable data

We can’t solve problems we don’t understand. Data illuminates our community’s most pressing health needs and guides us as we develop targeted plans to address them. By collecting valuable healthcare data on behalf of our members, The Health Collaborative helps hospitals meet compliance and move beyond it, leveraging those findings to identify health initiatives that improve outcomes.

Partnerships are powerful

We are proud to work with our region’s leading healthcare professionals to generate the power to improve the health of our community.

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